How to Conquer the Scariest Part of Birth

birth Jan 24, 2019

We interviewed a lot of pregnant mamas on how they felt about giving birth. Whether they were planning an unmedicated birth or planning on an epidural, nearly every woman echoed the same fears:

"I'm scared of the pain...of what it will feel like and how much it might hurt."


"I'm worried about unexpected complications. I don't really know how it will go down...birth feels like a big unknown."

Does that sound familiar? 

We know you may be scared. Scared of the pain. Scared of the unknown. And we could get really deep with this blog post and talk about where those thoughts originated...Who told you it would be hard, painful or unpredictable? Who made you believe that you and your body aren't strong enough to "handle" birth? My sweet friend, your body and your spirit were made for birth. But I digress!

Can we let you in on a not-so-secret secret? Knowledge, love, support and PREPARATION are the antidote to your fears about birth. Let me give you some...

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10 Tips for Eating Clean During Pregnancy

Being pregnant can often strengthen your resolve to eat clean and healthy...until those cravings hit and you find yourself surrounded by dozens of Reese's peanut butter cup wrappers. Not that we would know ANYTHING about that! 

Pregnant or not, if you find yourself falling off the "Clean Eating" bandwagon, then this post is for YOU! We are happy to share out Top Ten Tips for eating clean for you + your baby. These are tricks and tools that we have used to help countless mamas-to-be ensure optimal nutrition for an easier birth. For our complete nutrition guide and 2-day meal plan bonus, join us over at the My Essential Birth course!

1. DO meal plan

Investing a little time in creating a meal plan will save you from both stress and unhealthy meal choices during the week. I got sick of trying to come up with new meal ideas each week, so I grabbed a blank 30-day calendar and planned an entire month worth of meals- tried and true favorites. You can schedule...

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