Three exercises to help prepare you for your BEST birth.

Your body is literally made to give birth to your baby. All you need to do is know HOW to work with it!

This FREE eBook and audio guide for these exercises will help prepare your body and your baby for your best birth.


Are you ready to relieve the discomforts of pregnancy AND help your baby move into the perfect position for a smooth birth?

These 3 exercises will help you comfortably enjoy pregnancy and feel confident in your body's natural ability to birth your baby!

Designed to get your body and baby into an optimum position for birth so you can take control of your birth experience instead of letting it control you.

All it takes is 15 minutes to get me ready for my best birth?

Yup! Develop the endurance and strength you need for birth by learning how to activate and release the major muscle groups specific to the laboring process.

With a little consistency, these quick and easy exercises will increase your stamina and have you feeling empowered to rock your birth in no time.















Strengthening and activating the right muscles during labor is key to having your ideal birth.


Don’t just let your pregnancy pass you by! Enjoy every minute (or more) of it by doing these 3 simple exercises.

These exercises are simple to do but yield amazing results. Some of the benefits you receive are ⬆️ increased strength, ⬆️ increased stamina, optimal positioning for baby (⬇️ less pain during pregnancy AND birth), ⬇️ less chance of tearing during pushing, and much more. ✨

Simple exercises.   Amazing benefits.

Easier, more comfortable birth

You are strong, mama! With these exercises, you are literally preparing your body and baby for a more comfortable and quicker birth!

Best positioning for baby

We often don't hear about "positioning issues" until it's too late. These exercises get baby into the perfect position before labor begins!

Lengthening and strengthening of muscles

You and your body are capable of giving birth. With these simple and effective exercises you will lengthen & strengthen the right muscles for birth. 

Stamina for pushing time

When the time comes, you want to have the strength to bring your baby into the world quickly and efficiently. With these exercises, you'll be prepped and ready to do the final work to meet your baby.

Using relaxing to your benefit

Release the stress that comes with pregnancy. Relaxation brings clarity and strength to do what you need to do. Train yourself to relax (yes it something that is learned 😏) and work with  your body during birth.

More comfortable sleep

There's nothing like a good night's sleep, and when you're an expectant mama, sometimes that can feel hard to come by! These exercises help your body release tension in the right places for restful sleep.

Why do you need a Pregnancy Guide?

You don’t want to just wing it, trust me (I may be speaking from experience 😬 )! Pregnancy is a magical time, don’t get me wrong, but the aches and pains of growing that tiny miracle can be, well, less than miraculous, amrite?!

When it comes time to birth your baby you’ll be happy you prepared your body and mind for the journey of labor. No mom ever regrets preparing "too much." There's no such thing. These exercises will help you find comfort in your pregnancy and strength in your birth.

The best part of this guide? Your partner can help you with the exercises and feel prepared to support you through too!

Hi, I’m Stephanie, a professional Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula with over 13 years of experience in the birthing field.

I am passionate about helping women feel empowered to have their best birth by providing evidence-based information and community-based support.

This is your special time, and I've made it my goal to provide you with hours' worth of resources to make it your very best birth yet. Drawing upon years of experience and study, my goal is for you to feel capable, prepared, and knowledgeable.

I know how powerful you are mama. Do you? 


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