Special Episode: My Husband's Point of View

The partner's point of view can be kind of a mystery and I've had a lot of women asking me what their partner should know and do. Well, you're welcome...and I'm sorry. This week I brought my dear husband on the show and I truly hope you get something good out of it as we laugh our way through pregnancy, birth, marriage, love, and parenting. We talk about what it was like to support me during a cesarean birth, a medicated VBAC, and an unmedicated VBAC. He even talks about postpartum depression, for the partner, and his best recommendations for how to handle it. True story, I did not know he went through this until he mentioned it on the podcast. Plus, we take time to let him answer your questions that we collected before the show.

Show Notes

4:02 - We discuss communication and a little bit of our background into becoming pregnant with our first baby.

5:32 - Our birth prep with our first baby was the best we knew to do at the time. We talk about how that wasn't maybe the best thing since we ended up at hospital classes that didn't teach us the skills that we needed.

10:40 - The difference between knowing what's happening and what the options are vs the challenges and uncertainty from now having that knowledge.

11:57 - Michael talks about the first time he connected with our first baby. The unexpected cesarean birth left him uncertain and concerned for me. With all of the chaos he didn't connect with our son right away, but this was a very special moment for him and baby.

15:20 - What it was like for Michael to support me during labor with our second birth.

19:39 - I walk you through my experience with prodromal labor with my second birth and what it was like to work with my husband (or fight him a little bit) while trying to relax during contractions.

24:22 - We had practiced some things with our second birth but Michael admits that wasn't completely prepared. Our birth prep was SO much better with our third baby.

27:00 - The moment I hit transition...and everyone knew, including my husband, which makes a big difference.

29:50 - You make some weird noises during labor. 😏😂

31:56 - Questions for Michael from listeners!!

38:40 - Michael discusses how he went through postpartum depression as well and what he recommends for other partners walking through this.

43:14 - Michael's best advice to moms (from the partner's perspective). Yup! I totally meant to ask him best advice for dads too...but I didn't! Sooo we may have to revisit that later.

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