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The Nitty Gritty of Postpartum

Show Notes:

[2:25] Our Reviewer of the Week, _smileyriley_, said "This podcast was one of the most fantastic resources throughout my entire pregnancy and helped me feel very prepared and informed ahead of my birth this past spring. I had a spectacular birth experience and was able to navigate conversations with my providers confidently to ensure that my baby and I were safe but that my preferences and values were adhered to and respected. I showed this podcast to my doula and will continue telling friends and family about it any chance I get!"

[4:05] This week's episode is going to be really helpful for moms who are currently pregnant and/or immediately postpartum! This is one of those episodes that you can listen to again and again, and then tuck away for when you need it.

[6:57] We're going to start with what to expect when you get home. We've covered what happens immediately postpartum to your body before! See episodes below. Remember when you get...

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Motherhood or Postpartum Depression: Navigating the Rollercoaster of Life as a Mother & Knowing When To Seek Help

Show Notes:

[1:11] Our reviewer of the week is Yasmine_098, and she says: “Since finding out we are expecting with our first I have been trying to find holistic and educational resources to soak up all things pregnancy. I have really enjoyed diving into the different topics I have questions about and already feel more confident about how to plan going forward and making decisions about my pregnancy.”

You are in the right place for all of those things! If you have questions about pregnancy, birth, labor, and postpartum, I’m here to help you!

[2:03] This week’s topic is a little different, but I felt like it was time to have this conversation. Postpartum Mood Disorders are thankfully being talked about now more than ever. Women are becoming more aware of signs for these mood disorders that are not limited to postpartum, but also occur during pregnancy as well. If you’ve been listening with me here for a while, you know this is a topic I’ve covered...

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Placenta Encapsulation with Bonnie Baker

Placenta encapsulation was a foreign concept just a few years ago, but now as it becomes more mainstream there are tons of questions around who should have it done, what the benefits actually are, if there are risks involved and when to avoid encapsulation, how Covid-19 has affected placentas, and how to find someone who really knows what they're doing. Today I get to answer all of those questions with doula and almost midwife , Bonnie Baker. For as long as I have known Bonnie in the birth world, she has been involved in finding ways to improve birthing outcomes and take care of mothers during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. This includes the wonderful work of encapsulating placentas. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

 1:15 - Our reviewer of the week talks about the Pregnancy & Birth Made Easy being her very favorite after listening to thousands of hours of birthing podcasts! Thanks mama!

3:20 - Bonnie discusses the details of the placenta encapsulation process and the history behind...

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The Magic of Postpartum Doulas, with Sariah Wight

As a mother of 3 and someone who has experienced postpartum depression and anxiety, I wish I had known about postpartum doulas sooner in my journey.

Postpartum care, especially in the U.S., is absolutely vital. Despite the popular narrative, postpartum care is not just about holding your baby and delivering frozen dinner. While those things are amazing and can be so helpful, postpartum doulas come equipped with extra knowledge, tools, and support measures to care for the whole you because you deserve to be taken care of too. 

I'm so honored to be joined by Sariah Wight, a postpartum doula here in Utah, who is here to share all her postpartum magic in this week's episode.


Show Notes:

1:11 - Our reviewer of the week shares that she loves sharing this podcast with her clients as a birth and postpartum doula

3:32 - Introducing Sariah Wight, a postpartum doula and mother of 3. She shares how she made the decision to become a postpartum doula after experiencing...

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Special Episode: My Husband's Point of View

The partner's point of view can be kind of a mystery and I've had a lot of women asking me what their partner should know and do. Well, you're welcome...and I'm sorry. This week I brought my dear husband on the show and I truly hope you get something good out of it as we laugh our way through pregnancy, birth, marriage, love, and parenting. We talk about what it was like to support me during a cesarean birth, a medicated VBAC, and an unmedicated VBAC. He even talks about postpartum depression, for the partner, and his best recommendations for how to handle it. True story, I did not know he went through this until he mentioned it on the podcast. Plus, we take time to let him answer your questions that we collected before the show.

Show Notes

4:02 - We discuss communication and a little bit of our background into becoming pregnant with our first baby.

5:32 - Our birth prep with our first baby was the best we knew to do at the time. We talk about how that wasn't maybe the best thing...

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