Placenta Encapsulation with Bonnie Baker

Placenta encapsulation was a foreign concept just a few years ago, but now as it becomes more mainstream there are tons of questions around who should have it done, what the benefits actually are, if there are risks involved and when to avoid encapsulation, how Covid-19 has affected placentas, and how to find someone who really knows what they're doing. Today I get to answer all of those questions with doula and almost midwife 😏, Bonnie Baker. For as long as I have known Bonnie in the birth world, she has been involved in finding ways to improve birthing outcomes and take care of mothers during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. This includes the wonderful work of encapsulating placentas. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

 1:15 - Our reviewer of the week talks about the Pregnancy & Birth Made Easy being her very favorite after listening to thousands of hours of birthing podcasts! Thanks mama!

3:20 - Bonnie discusses the details of the placenta encapsulation process and the history behind consumption of placentas from moms.

10:48 - The benefits of placenta encapsulation (anecdotal + studied) including hormones, mood, breastfeeding supply, and more. 

19:02 - The best time to begin consuming your placenta is very early because of hormones, but if you're on the fence you can even freeze it for a few days. Listen here as we discuss the benefits of these options. 

20:56 - Bonnie shares some personal stories about women who have benefited from using placenta encapsulation and she discusses doing encapsulation herself with this most recent pregnancy.

26:57 - Is there anyone that should NOT have their placenta encapsulated?

29:20 - Overcoming concerns including "grossness 😂," husband's concerns, burping up placenta after taking the pills....yes, these are all of MY concerns, so if you can relate to these, you're not alone. 😘

34:42 - After getting the placenta, the prep work begins, the placenta is cleaned, sliced, dehydrated, ground, and put into pills. The number of pills depends on the size of the placenta. Placentas come in alllll sizes! The bigger the baby, the bigger the placenta. Bonnie goes over all the details, as well as how many she recommends moms take and how to tell when you need more or should take less. 

40:06 - Covid-19 and placentas! Bonnie goes over some details she has noticed with placentas that have come from mothers who have had Covid-19 during pregnancy. It's super interesting!

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