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The Top 5 Myths of Prenatal Exercise with Nicole Scheitlin

In this week's episode, I am joined by Nicole Scheitlin to bust the top 5 myths you've probably heard surrounding prenatal and postpartum exercise and wellness.
Nicole is a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist and the founder of Strong Mama Wellness where she helps people train for a healthier pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood. She has over 10 years experience in the industry and approaches fitness and wellness in a way that supports the body during a time of extreme change. Nicole is on a mission to empower people with safe and supportive exercise so they feel strong and capable during pregnancy, prepare for labor, and recover quickly postpartum.

Show Notes:

1:13 - Our reviewer of the week shares how the My Essential Birth podcast has provided her with a realistic perspective of birth and has given her a wealth of knowledge as she prepares for her first birth. (Thank you for the amazing review and congratulations on your new baby, all the...

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Dad's Role During Pregnancy and Childbirth with David Arrell

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Pregnancy includes many unknowns for dads-to-be and having something or someone to look up to could help you in the journey phenomenally. Today's guest is an author-dad who helps fathers worldwide understand pregnancy and the roles of a dad in helping make the experience easy for themselves and their partners.

David Arrell is a dad, consultant and men's coach. He turned author with his book, "Welcome to Fatherhood", in which he consolidates the lessons learned from his experience being a dad for the first time. Through the book, David encourages men to more actively step into their supportive roles during pregnancy, childbirth, and the fourth trimester back home and gives them detailed and practical tips and techniques on how to do so.

In this episode, he breaks down his journey of becoming a dad, the invisible roles of assisting the mother during the journey, the benefits of using professional help, like a doula, and some tips to...

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Forward-Leaning Inversion + Creating Balance in the Pelvis

Ask any mama-to-be to imagine her ideal birth experience, and you will hear phrases such as: "I want to feel comfortable, in control, and connected to my body." All this and more is possible with the proper preparation. This week's conversation is about increasing mom's comfort during birth by creating room in the lower pelvic/uterine area for the baby - which sounds complicated, but it isn't.

The magic is in one simple exercise - The Forward-Leaning Inversion. The Forward-Leaning Inversion is one of the core exercises you will find in the My Essential Birth Exercise Guide (link below). In this episode, you will learn how to perform this exercise safely and its many benefits, from helping posterior & breech babies to relieving lower back pain. We also review the importance of balancing the pelvis during pregnancy.
 [00:01:12] Thank you for our reviewer of the week, who credits My Essential Birth with providing her " the space and freedom to create [her] own...

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