The Top 5 Myths of Prenatal Exercise with Nicole Scheitlin

In this week's episode, I am joined by Nicole Scheitlin to bust the top 5 myths you've probably heard surrounding prenatal and postpartum exercise and wellness.
Nicole is a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist and the founder of Strong Mama Wellness where she helps people train for a healthier pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood. She has over 10 years experience in the industry and approaches fitness and wellness in a way that supports the body during a time of extreme change. Nicole is on a mission to empower people with safe and supportive exercise so they feel strong and capable during pregnancy, prepare for labor, and recover quickly postpartum.

Show Notes:

1:13 - Our reviewer of the week shares how the My Essential Birth podcast has provided her with a realistic perspective of birth and has given her a wealth of knowledge as she prepares for her first birth. (Thank you for the amazing review and congratulations on your new baby, all the best for a great birth!)

3:26 - Introducing Nicole Scheitlin, Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist and the founder of Strong Mama Wellness

5:18 - Did anyone else feel like the advice for prenatal and postpartum exercise changed with every other baby they had? I know I definitely felt that way! So what's the truth? 

8:25 - Myth #1: You can't start exercising during pregnancy if you weren't active before. Busted! Nicole shares that the key to exercising in pregnancy is to start where you're at. If you weren't active before getting pregnant you obviously wouldn't start training for the Olympics BUT moving your body is important whether you're pregnant or not.

11:40 - If you haven't been exercising but want to start exercising during your pregnancy, Nicole recommends walking, yoga, and functional body weight exercises to start building your strength

14:03 - Myth #2: You should keep exercise light and easy during pregnancy. Listen to your doctor, especially if you have any complications in your pregnancy. For low risk pregnancies, do what you enjoy doing and are comfortable with. 

 15:49 - Nicole shares how to judge the intensity of your workout without checking your heart rate. 

17:55 - How do you exercise when pregnancy has you feeling nauseated? 

19:08 - The best pre-workout snacks for pregnant mamas include fruit, cheese, whole wheat crackers.

20:04 - Myth #3: You shouldn't work your abs in pregnancy. Nope, totally busted! You actually SHOULD be working your core in pregnancy but you should be modifying your exercises to engage the deep core muscles instead of the superficial muscles.

24:05 - Myth #4: You should be avoiding all high impact exercise during pregnancy. Jumping is presumed safe in pregnancy through the second trimester as long as your body is handling it well. Listen to your body, any pain or leakage is a sign to ease up. 

30:13 - Myth #5: You need to wait until 6 weeks postpartum to do any physical activity. Early postpartum is a perfect time to reconnect with your core and pelvic floor. Nicole shares how intentional breathing can set the foundation for more movement including simple movements like pelvic tucks and heel slides. 

32:21 - Look for these warning signs when exercising in the early postpartum period. 

33:21 - How to connect with Nicole online and where to grab her free exercise guides.

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