Forward-Leaning Inversion + Creating Balance in the Pelvis

Ask any mama-to-be to imagine her ideal birth experience, and you will hear phrases such as: "I want to feel comfortable, in control, and connected to my body." All this and more is possible with the proper preparation. This week's conversation is about increasing mom's comfort during birth by creating room in the lower pelvic/uterine area for the baby - which sounds complicated, but it isn't.

The magic is in one simple exercise - The Forward-Leaning Inversion. The Forward-Leaning Inversion is one of the core exercises you will find in the My Essential Birth Exercise Guide (link below). In this episode, you will learn how to perform this exercise safely and its many benefits, from helping posterior & breech babies to relieving lower back pain. We also review the importance of balancing the pelvis during pregnancy.
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[00:02:00] The Forward-Leaning Inversion is so much than an exercise. Learn how Dr. Carol Phillips created this technique to assist her patients in untwisting the ligaments in the uterine area, making the birthing experience less intense and more comfortable for mom and baby.

[00:04:58] Here is everything you need to know about how the Forward-Leaning Inversion is done and several things to consider before adding this technique into your daily exercises.

[00:08:19] Does Forward-Leaning Inversion cause breeched babies? When should I start this? To answer these questions, we went straight to the source. Hear what Dr. Carol Phillips has to say on this matter, plus my answers to FAQs about this exercise. We also discuss common misconceptions.

[00:16:01] In episode 89, we discussed the benefit of balancing the pelvis for a better birth experience. Here we discuss how this exercise can also help throughout the pregnancy journey.

[00:17:47] Many women have endometriosis, painful intercourse, and constipation -learn about the benefits of adding a Pelvic Floor Therapist to your birth team.

[00:19:32] More tips on getting your birth partner involved

[00:22:54] The benefits of stacking squatting with the forward-leaning inversion to stretch the perineal area and how all these exercises combined create the ideal birth experience.
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