Achieving Balance in the Pelvis for Pregnancy and Birth with Deb Flashenberg

Tune into this excellent conversation we had with prenatal yoga instructor, doula, Lamaze Childbirth Educator, and mother, Deb Flashenberg as we discuss why it's so important to have balance in the pelvis throughout pregnancy and birth.  Deb shares her personal and professional experience including how she went from a five-hour pushing stage with her first baby to a five-minute pushing stage with her second baby all due to balance in the body and mind. We also discuss how having the proper preparation for the mind and body is crucial to your birth experience no matter how you're choosing to birth. 

Show Notes

2:44 - Why the topic of achieving balance in the pelvis lights Deb up. She has had some excellent personal and professional experiences to gather information and be able to share that on the podcast.

7:58 - There is so much more than just baby being head-down when we are talking about positioning. Listening to pain and discomfort can help us move into better positions during birth that helps a baby get into a better position as well as navigate through the pelvis.

14:02 - Your PC muscle needs to be springy, not tight when you're ready for birth. If it's a little too tight then it helps to support as well as release. Deb helps give you some information that will help you understand your pelvic floor as well.

16:28 - We talk about mindset work and preparing for if things don't go exactly as planned or as we had hoped. Having people on your birth team that can help you prepare as well as having skills and tools to pull from can help ease this concern.

26:20 - Deb shares a story of a birthing mother who brought a sunflower with her to birth and how it helped this mother focus her mind on the mental and physical process of birth.

30:20 - Actionable items you can do right now to keep your mind and body balanced in preparation for birth.

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