Dad's Role During Pregnancy and Childbirth with David Arrell

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Pregnancy includes many unknowns for dads-to-be and having something or someone to look up to could help you in the journey phenomenally. Today's guest is an author-dad who helps fathers worldwide understand pregnancy and the roles of a dad in helping make the experience easy for themselves and their partners.

David Arrell is a dad, consultant and men's coach. He turned author with his book, "Welcome to Fatherhood", in which he consolidates the lessons learned from his experience being a dad for the first time. Through the book, David encourages men to more actively step into their supportive roles during pregnancy, childbirth, and the fourth trimester back home and gives them detailed and practical tips and techniques on how to do so.

In this episode, he breaks down his journey of becoming a dad, the invisible roles of assisting the mother during the journey, the benefits of using professional help, like a doula, and some tips to reducing the stress and managing your energy during pregnancy.

Show Notes:
1:12 - Reviewer of the week

2:48 - Meet David Arrell, dad, author, consultant, and men's coach

4:15 - David shares that he wrote his book to break down his journey to becoming a dad and as a guide for dads who want to learn about the nuances of being a first-time dad.

5:50 How to win a free copy of David's book, "Welcome to Fatherhood!!"

11:55 - David explains that traditional dad roles are largely invisible. There are many unknowns – and communication and appreciation could create a more fertile ground for building new habits.

16:08 - David's tips for helping dad prepare for the pregnancy and the need to build a connection with the baby right from the start of the pregnancy journey.

17:42 - Consider taking a great birth class with your partner....wink, wink 😉 Great teamwork can help both you and your partner appreciate the preparation for birth and dad's role in it.

18:27 - Hire a doula!!! I don't know if I've stressed this enough, but listen to the dads on this one. It takes a lot of stress off of mom and dad, doesn't take over dad's role, and instead supports everyone.

26:16 - David expresses his opinion of OB teams and their incredible assistance during childbirth. Being around trained professionals can clear a lot of headspace for you and help reduce the levels of anxiety experienced by the mother...make sure you choose the right one.

31:27 - Once the baby is born, it helps to stay close to the baby, skin-to-skin. Bond with your baby "on your channel" – snuggle, sing, hum, stay close.

35:40 - David shares his views on how men can shift into the fatherhood role while maintaining balance between self care and caring for their family. 

39:40 - Where you can find David's book and its primary talking points.

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Links Mentioned: 

The Website: Welcome to Fatherhood

The Book: Welcome To Fatherhood, The Modern Man's Guide To Pregnancy, Childbirth, And Fatherhood


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