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Birth Story: Envisioning the Birth You Desire with Allie Robinson

birth story water birth Sep 12, 2023

Show Notes:

[2:02] Our Reviewer of the Week, dipetro, said "I listened to this podcast through my first pregnancy (and went back to listen to every podcast ever made). I also bought their birth class, My Essential Birth! Labor and birth went even better than planned. I owe it all to Stephanie! It’s great to be back listening as I grow baby #2!"

[2:45] Our guest this week is Allie Robinson, a My Essential Birth Student and stay-at-home mama who married her high school sweetheart. They have been together for 11 years and have two beautiful children, a three-year old daughter and one-year old son. 

[3:06] Allie shares her pregnancy experience which was pretty textbook. She found out at the 20-week ultrasound that her son was breech. She started doing the spinning babies and seeing a Webster-certified chiropractor to turn him, and he flipped by 37 weeks. 

[5:07] Allie met with a group of midwives because she knew she wanted...

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Water Birth: Is It for You and What Are the Benefits?

Show Notes:

[2:02] Our Reviewer of the Week is basejumping-abbeygbaby, and she said, "Stephanie (along with Courtney in early episodes) does an amazing job of laying out all of the options a birthing momma has before, during, and after pregnancy. She provides awesome information on how to choose a provider, what questions to ask, what different types of providers have to offer, pros and cons of all the different locations you can plan to give birth, how a doula can help, what is “normal” and how to know when medical interventions may truly be needed, and so much more! I listened to this entire podcast from the beginning when I found out I was expecting. I am now holding my beautiful 3-month old daughter as I write this, and I remain inspired and incredibly thankful to have this podcast as a resource. I felt empowered in the decisions that I made throughout my pregnancy, and I was able to have the home birth that I dreamed of!"

What an incredible story. Thank you so...

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Birth Story: Water Birth at Birth Center for First-Time Mom, Valerrie Craig

Show Notes:

[1:11] Our Reviewer of the Week, debbielovedan, says “So thankful I found this podcast! I’m in a first time pregnancy in my 30’s, and I saw someone else mention this podcast a few weeks ago. Well, I’ve been binging it every day since. I even make my husband listen when we’re both in the car. I feel empowered when I go to my OB appointments and ask the questions. My husband and I signed up for the birth course last night, and I’m so excited to get started. Thank you for helping me feel confident in my first pregnancy!”

Thank you so much. What an excellent review! I love it.

[2:05] This week’s episode is a birth story from Valerrie Craig. She is a first time mom and has a 15 month old now. She is a life coach and a healer with Reiki and lives in San Diego. 

[3:30] Valerrie walks us through her pregnancy journey, which was overall very easy. She lives with her mother and grandmother who were jealous of her easy...

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The Final Hour - Carly's Birth Story

This week I'm so excited to welcome Carly and her husband, Robbie who are sharing the story of the birth of their firstborn!Dive in to hear about how they navigated switching providers in the middle of their pregnancy from an OB, preparing for a  hospital birth, to a Midwife at a birth center and how they made it through the most challenging part of their labor, the final hour.

Show Notes:

 1:12 - Reviewer of the week

3:05 - Introducing Carly, a pediatric speech-language pathologist and her husband, Robbie, a 5th grade teacher who are here to share the birth story of their first baby. 

4:32 - Carly shares how she found her provider and why she decided to switch midway through her pregnancy from an OB at a hospital to Midwives at a birth center.

8:06 - Robbie shares how Carly's switch felt to him as a dad with limited knowledge about birth .

11:54 - Carly completed the 3 MEB exercises to help prepare for birth (way to go!) along with other great prep tools.


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Water: Nature's Epidural

Water is Mother Nature's epidural and has the ability to bring sweet relief and relaxation throughout the birth process. In this episode, we break down the safety of using water for birth, including giving birth in the water, understanding the policies and practices for your birthplace, when to jump in, how to use it effectively, and we even share our personal experiences from our own water births!
[4:58] Is a baby being born into water safe?
[7:02] Who can and cannot get into the water
[8:23] Know the policies and practices of your birthplace - Hospital
[10:49] Know the policies and practices of your birthplace - Birth Center/Home
[13:25] When to jump into the water!
[18:32] Two times to get into the water before hitting the "sweet spot"
[21:57] How to use the shower during active labor
[26:58] Using the tub during labor
[28:42] What should I wear in the tub?
[29:52] Stephanie's experience with laboring in a birth tub (at home)
[33:35] Cortney's experience with...
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2 Girls, 7 Totally Different Births


We share our personal birth stories which include hospital, birth center, and home birth, as well as cesarean birth, VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), medicated, and unmedicated....does that cover everything?! PLUS, get the scoop on the one thing that made all the difference for BOTH of us when getting ready to have our babies.
Also poop, we talk about poop!
[1:47] In the U.S. 1/3 of women will find themselves in a cesarean birth
[2:27] The one thing
[2:57] Stephanie's first birth story...and that time when she was told by her provider that women with size 5 1/2 shoe and smaller, typically have a cesarean (say what?!)
[12:17] A lot of My Essential Birth mamas are mamas who have had a previous birth experience that they don't want to repeat
[12:47] Through preparation, you can control a lot of your birth
[13:47] Stephanie's 2nd birth...
[16:45] Third baby, Stephanie calls the one hospital in the area and they tell her to plan for...
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