The Final Hour - Carly's Birth Story

This week I'm so excited to welcome Carly and her husband, Robbie who are sharing the story of the birth of their firstborn!Dive in to hear about how they navigated switching providers in the middle of their pregnancy from an OB, preparing for a  hospital birth, to a Midwife at a birth center and how they made it through the most challenging part of their labor, the final hour.

Show Notes:

 1:12 - Reviewer of the week

3:05 - Introducing Carly, a pediatric speech-language pathologist and her husband, Robbie, a 5th grade teacher who are here to share the birth story of their first baby. 

4:32 - Carly shares how she found her provider and why she decided to switch midway through her pregnancy from an OB at a hospital to Midwives at a birth center.

8:06 - Robbie shares how Carly's switch felt to him as a dad with limited knowledge about birth .

11:54 - Carly completed the 3 MEB exercises to help prepare for birth (way to go!) along with other great prep tools.

17:40 - Did Chick Fil A help start labor?! 

19:45 - Carly's midwives helped her naturally navigate high blood pressure through the last weeks of her pregnancy.

21:00 - Why did they have to schedule an induction? What methods did they use to try to avoid one?

24:09 - After A LOT of debate, a membrane sweep finally started contractions just before the 42 week mark.

25:00 - Carly walks us through how she navigated early labor. 

30:45 - Did a bath help or hinder those early labor contractions? 

32:05 - Robbie shares their Midwife's holy grail advice for alleviating nausea. 😍

35:11 - Carly and Robbie finally arrive at the birth center but does that transition stall labor? 

39:33 - Does Carly end up asking for an epidural? 

41:22 - Carly's water finally breaks and she begins pushing! (Go mama go!)

42:27 - Carly and Robbie share how they felt pushing was the hardest part of their pregnancy and labor. Robbie explains how he felt as a father watching his partner give birth. 

45:14 - Robbie gives new Moms and Dads his best tip for preparing for birth.

45:40 - Carly shares her experience with pushing and her inner monologue. 

50:48 - How did their midwife support Carly through the pain of pushing? 

52:26 - Robbie explains his point of view as his daughter is born.

55:47 - Their best advice for new moms and dads? Be prepared for the emotional journey just as much as the physical.

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