Birth Story: Envisioning the Birth You Desire with Allie Robinson

birth story water birth Sep 12, 2023

Show Notes:

[2:02] Our Reviewer of the Week, dipetro, said "I listened to this podcast through my first pregnancy (and went back to listen to every podcast ever made). I also bought their birth class, My Essential Birth! Labor and birth went even better than planned. I owe it all to Stephanie! It’s great to be back listening as I grow baby #2!" 💜

[2:45] Our guest this week is Allie Robinson, a My Essential Birth Student and stay-at-home mama who married her high school sweetheart. They have been together for 11 years and have two beautiful children, a three-year old daughter and one-year old son. 

[3:06] Allie shares her pregnancy experience which was pretty textbook. She found out at the 20-week ultrasound that her son was breech. She started doing the spinning babies and seeing a Webster-certified chiropractor to turn him, and he flipped by 37 weeks. 

[5:07] Allie met with a group of midwives because she knew she wanted a home birth and found them with a Google search.

[5:43] Allie knew she found the right provider because of her consultation. They asked her about my birth experience with her daughter, and they validated all the feelings she had from her first experience. They listed things that they wouldn't make her do, or wouldn't ask her to do. It was comforting to know that someone understood her first experience, why it was leading her to a home birth, and saw that path of where she wanted my pregnancy to go. She wanted to hone in on her own instincts and listen to her body and her baby. She loved the more personal experience the midwives offered.

[8:26] Her birth partner's first concern was mainly about what happens if something goes wrong. Her midwife assured her that they know all about those pink flags and red flags to send mom and baby to the hospital like After that he was totally up for a home birth. She felt it helped to know that he was putting his faith in her to be able to say whether or not it didn't feel like the right fit halfway through.

[11:22] Allie prepared for her birth by listening to a lot of podcasts, listening to other birth stories, worked on understanding the birth process, and what her body would be going through physically. She tried to connect with her son when he was in her belly. She also did a lot of the visualization about how she saw her birth going.

[13:47] Her first birth included an induction at 41 weeks because her provider told her "it's not safe for your baby to stay in there any longer because your placenta won't be feeding the baby anymore." They gave her Pitocin to induce labor and eventually gave her an epidural, but her baby's heartbeat kept dropping off the monitor and put a lot of stress on her.

[17:01] To prepare for her second birth, Allie drank red raspberry leaf tea starting pretty early. She was doing acupressure to get her baby to flip when he was breached. She did the three exercises and a lot of stretching. She also dreamed and envisioned her birth and the way she wanted it to go.

[18:20] Allie walks us through her birth story from her first contraction to giving birth to her son. She used a birth pool with her midwives and husband's support.

[30:28] Allie's advice for moms and dads: "Don't hang on to all those little snippets of scare tactics. Just focus on how instinctual and magical and powerful pregnancy and birth are. You're in charge and your body's in charge and you can listen to your body and your baby."

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