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Avoid the Unnecessary Holiday Induction

Show Notes:

[1:11] Our reviewer of the week is blessedmama01, and she says: “Best podcast out there! Stephanie is so easy to listen to and gives such wonderful and helpful advice! I listened to this podcast all though out my pregnancy and felt so confident and prepared to have my baby. I cannot say enough good about Stephanie and highly recommend this podcast!”

This is going to be one of my quick, simple advice episodes! This time of year, it is SO important to avoid the holiday induction, because YES. It is real. We’ll be talking about five tips to keep baby right where he should be!

Side Note: It’s not just our providers that we need to be aware of and their plans, schedules, etc. Our families’ (and even our own) expectations and desires also need to be kept in check as well when deciding what’s best for baby and for mom during this busy time of year.

[2:48] Tip #1: Be open and honest with your provider about your feelings and concerns....

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Curb Walking for Labor

 There are countless valid reasons why women seek to induce labor naturally. In this episode, I deep dive into both natural and medically induced practices. I answer questions about the processes and methods behind various natural and medical procedures, the risks and benefits, and the options available to you. I also introduce you to techniques that are available through other holistic practitioners - such as chiropractors. When it comes to labor and delivery, you have options. My Essential Birth is a judgment-free zone and resource for you to utilize to take control and have more knowledge over your pregnancy and birth experience.=

[2:03] A deep dive into why women want to induce labor naturally.

[2:28] Understanding prodromal labor and recognizing the signs and symptoms of this condition. PLUS, things that you can do to cope.
[4:05] Curb Walking 101-Curb walking is a technique that can be done inside or outside. It has various benefits, such as increasing oxytocin...

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