Curb Walking for Labor

 There are countless valid reasons why women seek to induce labor naturally. In this episode, I deep dive into both natural and medically induced practices. I answer questions about the processes and methods behind various natural and medical procedures, the risks and benefits, and the options available to you. I also introduce you to techniques that are available through other holistic practitioners - such as chiropractors. When it comes to labor and delivery, you have options. My Essential Birth is a judgment-free zone and resource for you to utilize to take control and have more knowledge over your pregnancy and birth experience.=

[2:03] A deep dive into why women want to induce labor naturally.

[2:28] Understanding prodromal labor and recognizing the signs and 
symptoms of this condition. PLUS, things that you can do to cope. 

[4:05] Curb Walking 101-Curb walking is a technique that can be done 
inside or outside. It has various benefits, such as increasing oxytocin 
levels, amongst other things. 

[08:52] An introduction to The Webster's Technique and other holistic 
services - This episode will introduce you to procedures that can be 
performed by doulas, chiropractors, and acupuncturists. 

[10:41] When should labor-inducing exercises be introduced? - Learn 
when you should introduce certain labor-inducing techniques and why. 

[12:59] Rebozo sifting and other posterior baby exercises 

[16:12] Tips for your birth partner and how your birthing environment 
plays a critical role in childbirth. A supportive community assisting you in your birth plan is crucial. Learn what your partner can do and how the environment plays a role in your overall comfort. 

[23:00] Learn how essential oils can be used in childbirth and how to safely introduce them. 

[35:11] What are the common medications and procedures used by healthcare professionals? 


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