Safety of Homebirth + Informed Consent with Angie, LM, CPM

This week I had the pleasure of having  incredible home birth midwife, Angie, LM, CPM,  join me on the podcast. Angie, from the Long Beach, CA area, gives us some insight into what the process of taking care of a mother during pregnancy and birth is like as a home birth midwife. We also went a little deeper into birthing during a pandemic as well as the importance of informed consent. Informed consent is so important to her and I know when you take a listen you will understand why and feel empowered to stand up for yourself.

It's true that when you birth at home you will be birthing unmedicated but it doesn't mean your midwife won't come prepared with life-saving medications, tools, knowledge, and skills to keep you and your baby safe. With so many misconceptions when it comes to home births, including the legitimacy and safety of the practice, Angie gives us the facts that can help tackle those misconceptions and may even have you looking up a local home birth midwife near you for care. 

Show Notes

4:20 Angie talks a little about who she is, where she’s from, and about her practice. She tells us what it’s like being a solo practice midwife and what led her to becoming a midwife.

8:38 I ask Angie to walk us through an average home birth intake and process. From the moment a birthing mom calls and inquires all the way through labor, delivery, and postpartum, she tells us what moms can expect under her care.

14:39 Angie talks about the qualifying factors for home births for moms. She lists the conditions that would be a risk and disqualify a mom for a home birth under her practice, for safety of mom and baby. Angie also talks about the process taken if a mom does develop any conditions that are out of her scope of practice while under her care.

18:30 I ask Angie to explain the safety precautions that are taken during labor. What kind of medicines does she use? What happens if there needs to be a transfer? What signs does she look for?

26:34 Covid has changed things for everyone, so I was curious as to what differences have occurred for pregnant and birthing women since Covid has occurred, and how it has impacted moms. Angie talks about some of the things that moms can be feeling because of Covid and how it translates to pregnancy & birth as well as advice for moms during these times.

33:40 Angie explains to us what informed consent is. She breaks it down into two different components and then further breaks it down to questions that might be asked in either of these's where I hope you'll perk up and take notes!

41:04 Angie further explains how uninformed consent can become coercion and some of the language to look for. She also gives us simple tips to use if mom needs a moment.

46:39 Angie gives us all of her contact information as well as the area she services. Angie also talks about her baby care line, the details of some of the products and where you can find everything. All links for her contact can be found below.

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