Avoid the Unnecessary Holiday Induction

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Show Notes:

[1:11] Our reviewer of the week is blessedmama01, and she says: “Best podcast out there! Stephanie is so easy to listen to and gives such wonderful and helpful advice! I listened to this podcast all though out my pregnancy and felt so confident and prepared to have my baby. I cannot say enough good about Stephanie and highly recommend this podcast!” 💜

This is going to be one of my quick, simple advice episodes! This time of year, it is SO important to avoid the holiday induction, because YES. It is real. We’ll be talking about five tips to keep baby right where he should be! 🤰🏼

Side Note: It’s not just our providers that we need to be aware of and their plans, schedules, etc. Our families’ (and even our own) expectations and desires also need to be kept in check as well when deciding what’s best for baby and for mom during this busy time of year. 🎄

[2:48] Tip #1: Be open and honest with your provider about your feelings and concerns. 👩🏻‍⚕️

  •  Communicate openly and honestly with your provider about your feelings and concerns.
  •  Don't be afraid to ask questions or express doubts.
  •  Remember that you have the right to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and childbirth.

It is really common for providers to up induction rates before the weekends and during vacation times around the holidays. Keep that in mind!

[4:36] Tip #2: Understand the potential risks and benefits of induction, and ask your provider about them. 💬

  •  Educate yourself about the potential risks and benefits of induction.
    •  A few reasons why you may need to consider the benefits of an induction would be  in cases of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, etc.
    •  Baby is the one sending signals to mom’s body about when he is ready. By forcing baby to be born too early (unnecessarily), it could potentially cause health issues that will last into childhood (breathing issues, heart issues, etc).

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[10:31] Tip #2 continued . . .

  •  Ask your provider about their induction policies and procedures.
  •  Consider asking for a second opinion if you have doubts or concerns about induction.

[11:38] Tip #3: Don’t opt for the extra vaginal exams. 🙅🏻‍♀️ (Yep, I said it!)

  •  Vaginal exams tell you NOTHING about when birth will begin.
  •  They’re uncomfortable at best and extremely discouraging at times.
  •  Your provider can’t tell you they think you’ll need an induction based off of this info.

[14:45] Tip #4: Consider alternative methods of inducing labor, such as natural methods or acupuncture. 🍵

  •  Research different methods of inducing labor, such as natural methods or acupuncture.
    •  See Episode 131 for ways to start labor naturally!
  •  Ask your provider or a midwife about the effectiveness and safety of these methods.
  •  Consider trying these methods before or instead of medical induction.

[16:43] Tip #5: Trust your body and your instincts. 💪🏼

  •  Trust that your body knows how to give birth and will do so when it's ready.
  •  Listen to your instincts and pay attention to your body's signals.
  •  Remember that induction is not always necessary or desirable, and that you have the right to make decisions that are best for you and your baby.

My best tips on how to avoid an unnecessary holiday induction. Think about these things as you come up on the holidays and your final appointments. Communicate with your birth partner. Have those hard conversations with your provider. Trust yourself. 💜 I hope you enjoy your holidays and that you’ll get to see your sweet baby soon!

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