Induction: When Is It Necessary & How to Make It Successful

Women are being forced into unnecessary inductions which makes me pose the question, do women’s bodies need to be forced into labor as much as they are being right now, and if there is a medically-necessary reason for this, how can we make it an excellent experience? In this episode I want to discuss what would constitute some medical reasons for inductions AND what you can do when an induction becomes necessary. This is something I get asked quite a bit. Once you do have a medical reason for induction, how does that change the birth plan? What do you need to know? I want you to have all of the best evidence-based information that will help you ask good questions, get all the information, and ultimately be able to make the decision that is best AND feels best for you. 

Show Notes

4:48 - I talk about the number one reason women are typically encouraged to get an induction. I discuss how moms should be approached by their provider & when this conversation should occur. I also talk about how due dates are calculated and how they can be inaccurate.

11:10 - High blood pressure is another reason for induction but there's a bit of a twist to this one! I go into how high blood pressure ALONG with other symptoms can be a concern. I also discuss gestational diabetes.

13:28 - Is your provider planning an induction because of a vacation?? I talked about the studies done with lower cesarean & induction rates of providers with a different form of scheduling from a previous podcast episode.

16:38 - These are different things that you can do if you are faced with any of these scenarios. This ranges from questions to ask, things to know, and what providers may suggest.

19:03 - When inductions DO become medically necessarily, there are some things you can do to make it positive. First, though, I get into the nitty gritty of the Bishop's score & what to do depending on that score.

26:26 - Listen in here for different medical options that are available when talking about inductions and some of the risks involved with these risks.

33:07 - Let me recap about what to do when induction is suggested, what information to ask for from the provider, which medical options are available, and how to make it a positive experience despite having to alter the plan. 

37:46 - I suggest different natural options for inducing labor. There are various ways to induce labor when coming up on a "due date" that do not involve medical intervention.

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