The #1 Reason for Cesarean Birth

We know that if you're following along with us there's a good chance you are not planning for a cesarean birth. It may surprise you to learn what the number one reason is that providers list on medical paperwork when performing a cesarean birth. Nothing to fear though! As usual, we are going to give you all the details you need to understand the background to why this occurs, how to keep birth moving freely so you don't get stuck in the curve, and what you need to know to avoid an unnecessary cesarean birth altogether.

Show Notes

2:00 - If you had to guess what the #1 reason is for unplanned cesarean births in first-time moms, what would it be?

9:53 - Your body is not broken. The system is broken. Patience or the lack of it may be the reason we are seeing so many women moved through the system and into cesarean birth.

11:03 - This information from the 1950s is still playing a part in your birth and you will want to know not only what it is but what information you need to make sure you don't get caught on the curve.

17:15 - The percentage of women who end up with a cesarean birth before they have even hit 5cm dilation is truly astonishing, especially in today's world. It's true that medicine takes a long time to catch up even when we figure out what may be going wrong and these numbers don't lie.

21:42 - What inhibits and what encourages dilation?

24:07 - Here's how we change this issue of labeling women giving birth as "Failure to Progress." Listen up here because we cover some amazing studies that get to the nitty-gritty behind the solution to this ever-prevalent issue.

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