Should I Push OR Let My Body Push On Its Own?


We know this is a pretty hot topic right now and we've been getting quite a few questions about whether moms should bear down and push their babies out OR if they should let their body do the work on its own. Well, as per usual, we've broken down all of the details you will need in order to answer this burning question. We discuss the length of the pushing stage, what it looks like with or without an epidural, why dilation and position matter, and even give tons of real-life examples of what this all looks like.

Show Notes

4:35 - What the second stage is and what you can expect during this stage.

5:40 - What does a prolonged pushing stage look like? We talk about the guidelines, outcomes, and recommendations.

9:48 - Babies that are in the birth canal for an extended period of time may have increased risks to baby once they are born. We talk about that here as well as reasons baby may stay there for a bit.

13:21 - What pushing looks like for moms who have an epidural and how to make it go smoothly! Pun intended.

19:19 - What pushing looks like for unmedicated mothers...spoiler're going to know when it's time to push!

21:50 - Dilation - You may have the urge to push before or after you're completely dilated OR you may be completed dilated but baby hasn't hit the reflex that tells you it's time to push yet. We talk about all of that here!

29:50 - When should you push? When do you know it's time?!

36:50 - The answer to the BIG question - Do I push my baby out or breathe my baby down?


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