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Every Mother Needs to Hear This for Every Stage of Motherhood: You Are Enough and You Are Worthy

Show Notes:

[1:47] You are enough, and I hope that, yes, you know that. When we're going through the things that we go through to become mothers, when we're dealing with infertility, when we are growing a baby, when we are in the throes of our postpartum weeks, do we believe that we are enough?

[2:44] You are a mother. You are strong, capable, intuitive, knowledgeable, creative, and smart. You have everything that you could possibly need to be able to navigate this journey of motherhood. You absolutely do.

[3:38] You deserve respect from your birth partner, respect from the support of people around you, respect from your birth team. I want you to take that in for a second and look at yourself, look at your sweet spirit, and understand you deserve that respect. It is so important that you are treated in such a way that is respected and loved and cared for and heard. You deserve to be involved with your medical decisions.

[7:28] Good decisions are based off of good...

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