Every Mother Needs to Hear This for Every Stage of Motherhood: You Are Enough and You Are Worthy

Show Notes:

[1:47] You are enough, and I hope that, yes, you know that. When we're going through the things that we go through to become mothers, when we're dealing with infertility, when we are growing a baby, when we are in the throes of our postpartum weeks, do we believe that we are enough?

[2:44] You are a mother. You are strong, capable, intuitive, knowledgeable, creative, and smart. You have everything that you could possibly need to be able to navigate this journey of motherhood. You absolutely do.

[3:38] You deserve respect from your birth partner, respect from the support of people around you, respect from your birth team. I want you to take that in for a second and look at yourself, look at your sweet spirit, and understand you deserve that respect. It is so important that you are treated in such a way that is respected and loved and cared for and heard. You deserve to be involved with your medical decisions.

[7:28] Good decisions are based off of good information and so if you don't have access to your medical records or to anything that is happening with your body along the way that is being tracked by other people, how are you supposed to make a good decision?

[10:43] The other thing that everybody deserves is grace, and oh how we need it, right? Pregnancy hormones and just being human. We are going to make mistakes, and that is the reality of it, so I deserve grace, you deserve grace.

[16:18] Write yourself a letter: "Dear _____, I love you. I see you and I can see that you are working so hard and you are doing so much good. You are so much better than you realize. You are such an incredible mother. And I know it feels so challenging right now, but I promise you that I can see the end and it's going to be worth it. Every single second, everything that you are doing to prepare for this birth and this baby, every time that you get together with your birth partner and you practice these things, every book that you read, every birth story, every exercise that you do, every podcast that you listen to, every little thing that you are doing. Planning to get better support, working on your mental space. I see it. I see it and I see the end from the beginning and you are good and you are worth it and you are going to make it and it's going to be a wonderful experience and I can tell you that that's true."

I'm here to cheer you on. I promise I'm one of your biggest cheerleaders. I love empowering women. 

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