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Birth Story: When Pregnancy & Birth Don't Go According to "Plan" with Jake & Danielle Winter

Show Notes:

[2:08] Our Reviewer of the Week is aculls334, and she said "When I first became pregnant, labor seemed scary, intimidating, and there was so much I didn’t know. After stumbling upon this podcast, I feel confident in my knowledge and in my body! I have learned SO much and I love the approach they take of explaining pros and cons to many different aspects of birth. There are episodes on topics for just about anything pregnancy and delivery related, so I am always finding something new that sparks my interest. I am 27 weeks pregnant and hoping for an unmedicated hospital birth. This podcast has actually got me EXCITED to give birth and I am so grateful to have found it!!!" Thank you so much for your review!

[3:43] - Jake & Danielle Winter are parents to three IVF (in vitro fertilization) babies, a four-year old girl and almost two year old boys. They live in Southern California, and Danielle is part of the My Essential Birth Team. ‍

[4:51] Danielle...

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Twins: What to expect with Dr. Nate Fox

 I sat down with Dr. Nate Fox, once again, and I got to ask him all of YOUR questions about twins! Birthing one baby comes with its fair share of challenges, but for mamas birthing two babies in one shot, well, there's some things you'll want to know. Thankfully, Nate talks us through some of the different things you can expect during the pregnancy, birth, and some postpartum. Not only does his practice specialize in the delivery of twins, he is also the father of twins, so you will love his expertise, personally & professionally. Listen in as he gives some great information as well as resources to anyone interested in all the fun parts of having twins.

Show Notes

3:02 - Dr. Nate Fox, a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist, gives us a little background on himself and his practice. He also chats about his podcast and how these stories can benefit pregnant women, high-risk or not.

7:20 - Who needs to meet with a high risk/ maternal fetal medicine provider when they are pregnant...

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