Twins: What to expect with Dr. Nate Fox

 I sat down with Dr. Nate Fox, once again, and I got to ask him all of YOUR questions about twins! Birthing one baby comes with its fair share of challenges, but for mamas birthing two babies in one shot, well, there's some things you'll want to know. Thankfully, Nate talks us through some of the different things you can expect during the pregnancy, birth, and some postpartum. Not only does his practice specialize in the delivery of twins, he is also the father of twins, so you will love his expertise, personally & professionally. Listen in as he gives some great information as well as resources to anyone interested in all the fun parts of having twins.

Show Notes

3:02 - Dr. Nate Fox, a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist, gives us a little background on himself and his practice. He also chats about his podcast and how these stories can benefit pregnant women, high-risk or not.

7:20 - Who needs to meet with a high risk/ maternal fetal medicine provider when they are pregnant with twins? Dr. Fox breaks down the different providers that work with twins and why one may be better than another.

10:19 - I ask Dr. Fox about the things that bring women into his office for maternal fetal medicine. We talk about 3 things that are considered risks when having twins. 

13:57 - Is it possible to carry twins to full-term? Dr. Fox walks us through what different scenarios look like for different women and their likelihood of making it to full term. He also talks about some of the risks involved, and the role that IVF may play.

17:15 - Do mothers of twins have successful vaginal births? It's definitely possible, but what is the deciding factor? He details what those factors are and whether or not the odds will be in your favor. He also gives us some some information about the chances of having a c-section, which is more common, and why that is. This led to some suggestions on questions to ask providers when looking for providers. Get ready to write these down!

24:09 - Dr. Fox explains the process of breech baby extractions. He explains the complexities that are involved, the preferable positioning for each baby and what positioning can lead to a cesarean birth.

29:48 - I ask Dr. Fox about the likelihood of birthing twins unmedicated. He goes through the three issues that arises when trying to have unmediated births for twins.

34:36 - Dr. Fox talks about the most common questions that are asked in his practice in regards to twin births, as well as the misconceptions that come with twin births.

37:31 - We shift the conversation into nutrition and and the effects that it has on twins. He explains the different outcomes that can occur based on the weight gain of mom.

40:35 - Wondering what the postpartum period for twin moms looks like? Listen in here. We break it down from what happens immediately after birth, to the time spent in the hospital, to being home. He then gives four tips to parents who are coming up on the birth of their twin babies.

47:39 - Finally, Dr. Fox gives a few resources women and their families can go to get the information they need when having twins. See the links below to access these.

Links Mentioned

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