You Know You're Crunchy If...

Whoa, Nelly! Natural living is a slippery minute you decide to give cloth diapering a try, and the next thing you know you're washing down your placenta pill with a big glass of homemade kombucha. Don't say we didn't warn you! We had so much fun talking about some of the "crunchier" birth & postpartum options- how many of them have you tried? Don't forget to check out our "How Crunchy Are You?" quiz at the end of this post!
[1:02] Meme of the week!
[2:40] Cloth diapering
[6:28] Perineal massage
[8:06] Stephanie takes us inappropriately off-topic...
[10:53] The different ways to consume your placenta
[13:38] Drying of the umbilical cord
[14:06] Placenta prints
[14:46] Lotus birth
[15:57] Cord burning
[16:36] Orgasmic Birth
[19:46] Herbal postpartum bath
[21:22] Mother's Blessing
[24:22] Henna
[25:10] Belly casting
[27:11] Stephanie takes us off track again with another great idea....too much caffeine and sugar before #last90days
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The What & Why of Postpartum Belly Binding

If you've ever wondered what all the hype is about postpartum belly binding, or even if you've never heard of it before, we get into the what and why women choose to purchase one or have a professional belly binder come wrap them!
[1:15] Meme of the week!
[2:46] Stephanie discovered belly binding with her third baby
[4:25] Belly binding is like a big hug that helps pull everything back in after having a baby
[5:32] Will belly binding help me get back to my pre-pregnant shape?
[6:14] Two different kinds of belly binds (Velcro & Malaysian Bengkung Bind)
[9:08] How long after having a baby does it work?
[10:29] It is great for posture
[12:00] Bengkung bind moves around so it could be a great idea to use a velcro bind as you get more active.
[14:27] How a professional belly binder works with mama and partner
[15:48] How often a mama wears a bind
[17:47] We summarize the benefits
[18:20] Diastasis recti
[19:24] Cesarean birth and binds
[21:12] How to find someone who belly...
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Things They Don't Tell You: Postpartum Edition

Let us take you just a little deeper into the things people probably aren't telling you about the postpartum period. Don't worry, we laughed our way through this episode and we hope you will too! And as gross or frustrating as some of this info may's simply part of the beautiful, messy, "wouldn't-trade-it" experience we call motherhood.
[1:19] If we could have a subtitle for this episode, it would be; "The 3 B's: Boobs, Blood, & Bodily Fluids" 
[2:55] We talk about blood flow postpartum, what to expect, and when to wear adult diapers.
[6:13] We talk about "gettin' it on" postpartum. ow ow!
[7:14] The stinks and the sweats. What is up with that postpartum BO?!
[10:03] We get into all the things boob-related. Rock hard boobs when baby has a nice long stretch of sleep during the night, the joy of bigger boobs (for us tiny-boobed people) and the sadness of watching them go away even when you're nursing all the time, the size of nipples & areolas,...
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