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7 Ways to Prepare Your Mind & Body during the 3rd Trimester!

Show Notes:

[1:39] Our Reviewer of the Week is s_frye, and she said, "I have listened to this podcast during my first and second pregnancies. The second time around, I also purchased the My Essential Birth course to prepare for a “natural” delivery in a hospital setting and hired a doula. I was more prepared the second time. The podcast is wonderful and is packed full of information. However, I would recommend investing in the birth course as it gives a comprehensive, organized and sequential overview of the L&D process and how to prepare. Thank you, Stephanie and team for your amazing work to support and empower pregnant women!"

[2:38] If you are listening, and you are in your third trimester, this is 100% for you! You're going to want to write down and keep track of these tips for when you are a little bit closer, and they are things that you can certainly start doing right now as well!

[3:15] #1: The Three Free Pregnancy Exercises! They are simple. They are...

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Birth Story: From Navigating through Infertility to Experiencing the Sacred Place of Birth with Starlee Galbraith

Show Notes:

[1:11] Our reviewer of the week, namesbrr.johnson, said “Fantastic podcast, through and through! Hi, Stephanie! I found out I was pregnant with my first last March. Your podcast was recommended to me by a friend as she knew I was interested in a “natural” birth. Though my initial desire was there, you were the influence that fully converted me! From the first episode, I was hooked. And thanks to slyly listening to one of your episodes while my husband was in the room, you sparked his interest. Before that, he was unconvinced that a home birth would be safe. He has now become a fully converted advocate for natural childbirth. You were the catalyst that led us to 3 different birth courses worth of knowledge, and it seemed like whenever I had a question those other courses didn’t answer, you knew! Because you’d release an episode that week on the very thing I needed help with. I hope you know how inspired you are! Armed with knowledge and as...

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Your 3 Best Tips for Contractions Before Labor Begins!

Show Notes:

[1:16] Our reviewer of the week is JumelleT, and she says: “This is the best pregnancy and birth podcast ever! I am just about 25 weeks pregnant and have been SO enjoying your podcast. Every day I try to listen to a new podcast from the past. I've found your content so educational, fun and motivational. Because of listening to you and learning so much, I've been working hard on my birth plan. We are a military family and relocating from California to North Carolina when I will be 30 weeks. Ugh! After a ton of searching, I finally found a provider that I'm excited about - a midwifery in Wilmington, NC. I'm also doing pelvic floor PT as well. To those other mamas who may be moving or considering switching providers in your second trimester or later, this podcast has a ton of related birth stories and tips to help. Just wanted to say thank you for your content - I've been deeply enjoying it and will continue to!”

I love the action of creating a birth plan! We...

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Am I In Labor?

Do you know what to look for to know it’s labor time?! This week on the podcast, I talk about what those things are but also give you some detail on how they can show up for moms because, let’s be honest, some moms may see certain signs and still wait a week or two before hitting active labor. Tune in and enjoy!

Show Notes

5:11 - Nesting can show up as you get closer to your due date. This is a common sign that labor is approaching across the animal species too! Mom's thought process during this time may causes her to go into organizing mode. There are also some great exercises to help put you in a calm mental state as you get closer to your birth-date.

12:25 - Wondering what a mucous plug is and what it does?! You can find all that info here. I also explain the various looks a mucus plug can have, what to look for and what might be considered not normal and cause for you to see your provider.

21:06 - Your water broke! Hooray! You’re definitely...

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Speedy Delivery: Erica’s Birth Story

On this weeks podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting with one of the members of the My Essential Birth Course, and talking about her most recent birth experience. Erica is a mother of three, and due to previous births that were less than she had hoped for, she decided to explore a different option for her third pregnancy. She talks about her provider experience - what needed to change for this birth, course experience - what worked well, and her partner's experience - how he was not only able to step up and support her but also how he was so proud of her afterwards. We also talked about many other important aspects of pregnancy and birth. You're in for a treat with this beautiful birth story!

Show Notes

3:18 - Erica introduces herself. She gives us a bit of background about who she is, where she’s from, and her family dynamics. She further talks about how she discovered MEB and her not-so-favorite experiences prior to joining the course.

8:58 Erica talks about the signs of...

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Do THIS During Contractions

This is probably the #1 thing moms are curious about when that due date starts creeping closer and we are here to tell you that this episode will bring great relief for when you're face-to-face with those contractions! 
[2:54] You WILL feel contractions even if you plan to have an epidural.
[6:50] Knowing how you handle physical pain and emotional discomfort matters for how you will naturally find comfort and work through contractions.
[8:29] You do not have to be religious to connect to something spiritual during your birth experience.
[12:49] Hands-on support is wonderful, but it needs to be practiced and done right.
[15:57] "I've heard breathing like I'm panting is supposed to help me relaxed and stay focus. Is that true?" No. No, it's not.
[17:47] DOULA TIP!
[19:22] Sometimes distraction trumps visualization when it comes to working through contractions.
[25:11] Curious about more you can do to manage contractions during birth?
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