Am I In Labor?

Do you know what to look for to know it’s labor time?! This week on the podcast, I talk about what those things are but also give you some detail on how they can show up for moms because, let’s be honest, some moms may see certain signs and still wait a week or two before hitting active labor. Tune in and enjoy!

Show Notes

5:11 - Nesting can show up as you get closer to your due date. This is a common sign that labor is approaching across the animal species too! Mom's thought process during this time may causes her to go into organizing mode. There are also some great exercises to help put you in a calm mental state as you get closer to your birth-date.

12:25 - Wondering what a mucous plug is and what it does?! You can find all that info here. I also explain the various looks a mucus plug can have, what to look for and what might be considered not normal and cause for you to see your provider.

21:06 - Your water broke! Hooray! You’re definitely having a baby soon. Not all women have that immense gush of water that has everyone in a movie freaking out when labor gets going. In fact, it may even just be a trickle. I'll give some tips on what to do when this does happen and we know that baby is on their way.

28:27 - You've started dilating, but does that mean it's go-time? This is not always the case. Dilation is a sign of progression and I talk about how this can look for different for different women. Plus it's super helpful to know what's going on inside a pregnant body - dilation, effacement, position of the cervix, ripeness of the cervix, station of baby, and more. 

31:16 Another indication that your body is working towards labor is your baby dropping. I talk about what that feels like for mom and how it's different from a first pregnancy vs all the others. Back pain can definitely be associated with the early signs of labor so I break down some interesting things to know for birthing time and back pain.

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