Prodromal Labor & What It Means for Your Birth

 This week’s episode is going to focus on all of the ins and outs of prodromal labor. 2020 changed a lot of things for birth, including causing a ton of prodromal labor for expecting mamas. In this episode, I walk you through exactly what prodromal labor is, what the risks are, if there are any benefits, how to prevent it, what to do for yourself (and baby) if you end up experiencing it, and what it means for the end-game - in other words, how it affects your birth plan and if it ultimately means you can’t have the birth you were hoping for. Since this is something affecting tons of pregnant moms right now, you're definitely going to want to give this episode a listen and then tuck it away to review for later.

Show Notes

5:37 - What prodromal labor is, how it feels, how it compares to Braxton Hicks, and how it compares to active labor. I also talk about the different lengths in which it can range.

9:54 - My three very different birth experiences, how they compared, and what prodromal looked like for me (yes, I had that too!).

11:32 - The risks & benefits, YES, benefits associated with prodromal labor. Some of which may be obvious while others may not have even crossed a laboring mama's mind. Plus, different things you can do during this time that can help ease your mind as you work through prodromal labor.

19:33 - What causes prodromal labor anyways?! There are various reason why a mom could experience prodromal labor. I also go over different tools you can use to help avoid some of these causes and how to work through them if they happen to you.

24:14 - Let's dive deeper on how to correct the baby's position. I give instructions on each of these techniques, where to find visuals for some, why theses techniques are effective and how each can impact your baby.

34:23 - When moms typically experience this during their pregnancy. Does prodromal labor affect your birth plan? What you need to know and all the tools to be using to help you have the birth you desire.

38:14 - Lastly, I touch on the cesarean birth risk associated with prodromal labor and some things to avoid to reduce this risk. 

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