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The ARRIVE Trial & What It Means for Mamas

Show Notes:

[2:15] Our Reviewer of the Week, kaihanks, says "Forever grateful to the friend who lead me to this podcast AND birth course! Between this podcast, the birth course, and all their resources, I feel educated, empowered, encouraged, and overall excited for this experience in my life!" 

[3:05] This week's topic is the ARRIVE Trial. This ARRIVE (A Randomized Trial of Induction Versus Expectant Management) trial is the one that providers are leaning on and using as a reason to induce moms and to tell moms that because of this trial, they are finding that it's actually safer to induce at 39 weeks and that this is an evidence-based practice. During 2020 and this trial, inductions were pushed so much more than I had ever seen it done. 

[6:45] The primary purpose behind the trial was that they wanted to figure out if the elective induction, during the 39th week of pregnancy, would result in a lower death...

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The Nonstress Test: When You Need It, When You Don’t, and How to Prepare Your Body & Mind

As with every test or procedure during pregnancy, I want mamas to know about options, benefits, and risks. This week's podcast episode is about nonstress tests: when you need it, when you don't, and how to prepare! Whether you decline the test, ask for a second opinion, wait a few days, etc. ultimately, the choice is up to you! I want you to be informed and empowered by your knowledge. It's a quick, informative episode that I hope you'll benefit from!  

Show Notes:

[1:12] Apple Podcasts didn’t like me this week and wouldn’t let me see my reviews. It is what it is! ‍

[2:05] This episode is going to be a quickie but a goodie! If you are coming up to your guess date, you’re pregnant with multiples, have low amniotic fluid, feel decreased movements from your baby, or for any other reason your provider has ordered a nonstress test or NST, this episode is for you. 

[2:53] What is a non stress test? A nonstress test is a prenatal test used to...

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Vaginal Exams & “Failure to Progress”: The Lie

Show Notes:

Ever heard the terms "failure to progress" or "mandatory vaginal exams"? We'll talk about the lies behind these phrases and the choices you have when it comes to your body and your birth experience.

[1:12] The reviewer of the week, Fishsbxksnainazhmonger, (and no, I didn’t just type a bunch of random letters, lol) said: “I love this podcast! The birth course and this podcast were so helpful for me when I was in my 4th pregnancy. I’m now on my 5th, and I’m catching up on all the episodes I missed while I wasn’t pregnant.  I love the practical advice for birth and the encouragement to have a plan and to listen to your body! All things I didn’t really know with my first three births. This knowledge made all the difference with my 4th birth! I’m looking forward to all the knowledge I have yet to learn, even as a mom of almost 5! I totally recommend this podcast and tell all my pregnant friends about it!”

With every...

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Pitocin for the Third Stage of Labor

Show Notes:

We tackle a question this week that catches many moms off guard when it comes to their birth process. “Why is my provider planning to give me a shot of Pitocin before I deliver my placenta?” We’re going to talk about all of your OPTIONS so you can make an informed decision.

[1:12] Our reviewer of the week is Mal1212 and she said: “I absolutely love learning about birth! I have had three babies (I’m pregnant with my fourth) and knew so little about the stages of birth, the options/rights that I have, and what I can do naturally on my own. I love how positive birth is portrayed and taught. I have gained confidence in my ability to give birth and other resources I can turn to for more support. Their birth course is amazing as well. Worth every penny!”

There is never a bad time to start learning about birth. Whether it’s your first baby or your fourth! I wish podcasts had been a thing when I had my first baby! I’ve learned so...

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Anne's Birth Story: Experiencing All the Firsts

I can't wait for you to listen to this inspiring birth story with Anne, a My Essential Birth Course mama, who takes us through her journey from conception, pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. It is a perfect story about what it's really like to walk through everything pregnancy, birth, and postpartum for the very first time. Her and her husband did an excellent job preparing and supporting each other. I hope you will find something special and learn tons, for both you and your partner as you listen. Enjoy!!

Show Notes

3:24 Anne tells us a little bit about herself and her husband, a bit of their history and what conception was like for them. 

5:10 Anne gives us some inside on what pregnancy was like for her. She talks about the different feelings she experienced every trimester and the changes she felt along the way. I also ask Anne about her provider experience, how she found her provider and what solidified her choice. We continue of conversation about her provider and...

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Advocating Your Birth Plan


We stress the importance of having a vision for your birth and finding the right provider to support you through that process, but how exactly do you get there? There are likely going to be some obstacles you will face as you work through what you know you want for your birth, understanding what questions to ask your provider, thinking through real-life scenarios you may come up against, and having the knowledge and the voice to advocate for yourself during pregnancy and birth. This episode will walk you through each step and help you feel more clear and calm about the process for your own birth.

Show Notes

3:16 - You and your provider may view birth differently. That's ok!

6:25 - The first thing you need to be able to do to effectively advocate for yourself.

9:51 - Questions to discuss with your provider as well as what the red flags might look like.

17:33 - How to work through the deal-breaker questions and figure out where there's some give-and-take necessary to get the...

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