Anne's Birth Story: Experiencing All the Firsts

I can't wait for you to listen to this inspiring birth story with Anne, a My Essential Birth Course mama, who takes us through her journey from conception, pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. It is a perfect story about what it's really like to walk through everything pregnancy, birth, and postpartum for the very first time. Her and her husband did an excellent job preparing and supporting each other. I hope you will find something special and learn tons, for both you and your partner as you listen. Enjoy!!

Show Notes

3:24 Anne tells us a little bit about herself and her husband, a bit of their history and what conception was like for them. 

5:10 Anne gives us some inside on what pregnancy was like for her. She talks about the different feelings she experienced every trimester and the changes she felt along the way. I also ask Anne about her provider experience, how she found her provider and what solidified her choice. We continue of conversation about her provider and their practice. We discussed Anne’s feelings about rotating providers and what her preference was for birth.

12:52 Anne explains what her partner’s experience was like during this time, the different ways in which he participated, and his feelings along the way as well. She talked about the different ways in which the course helped them as a team, equipping them with the tools they need. 

15:22 Anne walks us through her entire birth, from the first moment she experienced her contraction, to when she decided to transition to the hospital, to when she begins to push and all the details in between. She talked about the emotions she was processing.

25:53 I take Anne back a bit and ask about the feeling of her contractions. Where they were most present, how they felt over time. She also talk about how she worked through her contractions, some of the tools that she used and how her partner was able to assist and the energy he carried in during labor that made for a positive experience.

29:14 Anne talks quite a bit about her postpartum experience. She touches on her initial thoughts immediately after baby was out as well as her thoughts as she transitioned home and her expectations of what postpartum would be like verses the reality.

33:52 Finally I ask Anne what her best advice would be for both moms and partners. She shares both her partner’s response as well as her own.

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