Countdown to Baby: Final Two Weeks

The last two weeks of pregnancy can be a bit tricky because #1 you don't know when those last two weeks will actually be and #2 it feels exciting and exhausting all at the same time! We've broken it down into the most useful things you can do to transition from having baby inside to bringing home a newborn during that final countdown. We're talking about everything from prepping freezer meals, what to pack before you go, what to unpack before you give birth, breastfeeding, and much more.

3:25 - We dish on freezer meals and meal prep!

5:47 - One of the best things to do to prep for postpartum is to create "stations" around your home like in the bathroom and for breastfeeding.

10:18 - Review the birth course! When to head to the birthplace, last-minute conversations with the provider, labor rehearsals, get it!

14:39 - The stuff that you don't want to be unpacking after the baby is home.

17:23 - The perfect time to learn about breastfeeding is right before baby is born.

19:29 - Communication with your husband or partner is super important before you add a sweet baby to the mix. Life will look a little different once you're home and it will put you both at ease to discuss expectations beforehand as well as how to handle situations when things aren't working.

24:38 - Why Target is the best place to go for early labor!

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Links mentioned in this episode:
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  3. Lanolin

  4. Dr. Christopher's Birth Prep

  5. Wishgarden Late Pregnancy Tonic

  6. Unripe/raw Papaya- it takes about 3 large servings to get enough of the latex for there to be any effect

  7. Breastfeeding Resources- within the My Essential Birth Course & Lactation Link

  8. FREE Download: Jumpstart Your Birth

  9. Sick of Being Pregnant Podcast Episode


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