Birth Bag Must-Haves

Feeling a little unsure of what to pack in your birth bag? Not to worry! We asked our mamas what items they think are essential, and we’ve made a free checklist for you to make packing so much easier! πŸ“

[1:12] Our reviewer of the week is, AutumnFugate, says “I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with our first baby, I found your podcast on here about a month ago, and I have been binge listening ever since! I tear up with happy tears mostly every time [welcome to pregnancy, that’s me every time I’m pregnant, lol!] Instead of music in my car, I listen to an episode.” Autumn is planning on having an unmedicated, water birth at a birth center in September. “This podcast has truly given me so much confidence and understanding of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.” She is also starting the birth course this week, and she recommends this to all the mamas she knows!

 What a sweet review! We love to hear that you guys are binge listening! We hope you guys are constantly learning new things about pregnancy, labor, and birth! πŸ’œ

 [2:45] Well . . . I asked, and you guys delivered! 😏 See what I did there? I took to social media, and I asked what you will be bringing in your hospital or birth bag. 🧳

[3:40] What can you not live without when it comes to your birth experience? I realize that not all mamas are going to give birth in a hospital, but you may need to think about what will go in your bag if you need to be transferred for one reason or another! πŸ€”

[4:00] ✨ I also have a free download for you guys! ✨ It’s a checklist which will hopefully help cut down your packing time! We also have clickable links to some of our favorite items on Amazon! You can get that here! 

[5:07] The majority of the items on the list have been tried and tested by mamas like you! You don’t need to pack everything on the list. Just base it off of your own personal preference and comfort level! πŸ₯°

[6:00] Start taking notes! πŸ“

[6:13] What should your #1 item be? Your birth plan! (Pro Tip: bring some tape to tape up your birth plan where it can be seen.) πŸ“‹

[7:14] Bring your own gown for labor and birth! If you’re like me, you may not enjoy the hospital gown that is provided. Bring a change of clothes for you AND for Dad. (I highly suggest at least a change of shoes and socks juuust in case some type of birthing fluid gets on them. 🧦 You’ll thank me later.) 

[8:55] After birth, mama will want something comfortable to wear after the baby is born so bring an outfit to change into. Include things like socks, underwear, nursing bras, tank tops, etc. Necessities + a little extra. πŸ‘š

[10:09] Toiletries!!! PSA: you’re not staying at a hotel. Lol. Don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste. πŸͺ₯ Include coconut oil, lanolin, or whatever you’re going to be using for nipple care. Ask yourself if you want things like makeup, scrunchy, or items to do your hair. πŸ‘±πŸ»‍♀️

[12:16] A few other items that fall under toiletries: deodorant (phew, those postpartum hormones tho), chapstick, shower shoes, hair ties, etc. 🩴

[13:09] The most genius thing to pack: a stroller fan! πŸ’¨ You can clip it to the hospital bed! This would be an excellent option to have near you if you’re doing a water birth as well. 

[14:09] Electronics: a long phone charger! πŸ“±One for mom AND dad so you’re not playing the game of who has less battery and needs the charger. πŸ˜† Cash or card for vending machines for snacks! (Or maybe even DoorDash or GrubHub!)

[15:15] What’s something that can help you totally relax? YOUR pillow! 😊 Make sure your pillow case isn’t white so you know that’s your pillow. Another idea for relaxing: a sound machine! Or even white noise on your phone. Do you plan on bringing your breastfeeding pillow? (A lot of our mamas use the BrestFriend or Boppy!)

[18:29] SNACKS!!! πŸ˜‹ Protein, carbs, and fat! πŸ₯‘πŸŒπŸž Listen to our episode with Holly Roser for some ideas on snacks for labor! Birth partners, LISTEN TO ME. Whatever you do, DO NOT bring any snacks that are stinky! πŸ₯΄ Trust me. If you want, you can also bring some snacks for the nurses. Totally up to you! 

[21:25] We have a lot of mamas who bring essential oils. Bring the oils you are using when practicing relaxation. (Cuz you’re practicing your relaxation at home, riiiight? πŸ˜‰) I use doTerra so I’d suggest oils like lavender, peppermint, wild orange, DeepBlue, Aromatherapy, and Balance. πŸ’†πŸΌ‍♀️

[24:25] A new item that I’ve never heard of until now: silverettes. You use these for your poor, cracked sore nipples. I highly recommend these combined with your nipple cream. πŸ₯₯

[25:04] So what do you need for baby? πŸ‘ΆπŸ» Let’s talk diapers and wipes. If you want to use a specific brand or cloth diapers, bring those! Otherwise, you can use what they have at your birth places. Bring a few outfits in newborn size. πŸ”» Game changer: velcro swaddles! πŸ”»

[27:12] In order to go home, you have to have the car seat! Have that ready to go by 34-35 weeks! Just have it in the car so it’s one less thing to worry about. πŸš™

[28:05] One mom said “bring nail clippers in case baby comes out with Freddy Krueger nails!” One of the best times to clip nails is when baby is breastfeeding/eating. They are relaxed, and you can do that without them clenching their fists. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

[30:00] I am a big believer in positive affirmations! πŸ’– I’ll link the Find It and Flip It exercise for you. Bring your affirmations cards! One of the reasons why I’m a huge supporter of a Mother’s Blessing (think baby shower but focused on mom) is because women who have been through birth, women who love you, and women who support you have written down positive and supportive affirmations for you to look at during labor. You can feel the energy from these cards pouring out their love, energy, and support for you and baby. 😍 Put them everywhere! Your room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Then when you’re in the hospital, put them where you can see them!

[32:47] One more thing I’d like to recommend: earbuds or headphones. You can tune everything out. You can focus on what you’re listening to and breathe deep! 🎧

[33:34] Just kidding, one more thing . . . rice packs! ♨️ Rice in a sock that’s tied off. That simple. I suggest having two! You can also add some essential oils too. 

I hope this episode was helpful. Don’t forget to download our free checklist! πŸ“ Feel free to email us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram @myessentialbirth if you want to add anything else to our list! You can also comment on our Instagram post! 

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