Pregnant? Focus On These Two Things With Holly Roser

There are two things that stand out when it comes to how to take care of ourselves prenatally; nutrition & exercise. Mind-blowing right?! Nope...but doing some simple things while you are pregnant will help you feel better and stay in control of your pregnancy and birth decisions. Today I'm speaking with Holly Roser who is a personal trainer and specifically deals with pregnant women. She gives really practical tips and tricks about how to eat during pregnancy, snacks that are easy and good for you, what should be included in your nutrition while you're pregnant, and the very best exercises for every mom during pregnancy. 

Holly is also giving away her entire 6 Week Skinny Jean Program to ONE lucky listener. Leave a podcast review to be entered *details below. 

Holly Roser is the owner of a women’s personal training studio in San Francisco. She helps busy women across the country get results in half the time. Holly and her team of trainers provide online personal training to moms and mothers to-be from the comfort of their living rooms. Holly has been featured in many of the top fitness magazines across the country as well as CNN, Dr. Oz and numerous other media outlets. She loves helping pre and postnatal women achieve results specifically designed for their bodies. Holly is very grateful for the My Essential Birth course helping her safely bring baby Noah into this world! 

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Show Notes:

[1:23] Our reviewer of the week, Jfiqvrjmcdtiksb, shares that she has had two other pregnancies and after listening to this podcast, she is planning for "the home birth of her dreams." I love that she shared that she "rationed" the episodes as she's preparing to give birth!

[3:15] When is the BEST time to start The My Essential Birth Course? And why...

[5:42] The Top 2 Things you should be focusing on right now! It might not be what you're thinking.

[6:42] Holly Roser introduces herself and what she does when it comes to nutrition and fitness. She also shares that she just completed the My Essential Birth Course and had an amazing birth as well, even as she walked through a crazy process including induction. 

[9:41] Holly is donating her entire 6 Week Skinny Jean Program (postpartum course!) to one lucky listener! How to enter at the bottom of the page!

[10:34] Holly is offering every one of you her Holly Roser Fitness Health At Home Cookbook - quick, easy, clean-eating meals 😋 

[11:10] Holly goes over her 6 week program and her cookbook, including what you can expect from each. 

[12:34] Things that matter regarding nutrition when it comes to growing your baby including listening to your hunger cues, eating the right things, how to include protein, fiber, carbs, fat...and more. 

[16:40] Pregnancy is not the time to do low-carb. Carbs are your energy and they should come from good sources...and at the same time don't feel bad about that cupcake! 😏

[18:05] Holly gives very practical tips for moving towards cleaner eating with one simple step, and one day at a time. She also talks about the importance of water for our bodies, particularly while growing a baby.

[24:54] The BEST quick snack ideas to have ready wherever you are! *Hint - most of these are in the FREE Cookbook!

[27:00] Real food is better than the very best protein powder!

[31:10] I share what I brought to the hospital with my second's interesting to say the least 😂

[33:23] The do's and don'ts of prenatal fitness. Heart rate, weight lifting...what's the very best things you can do for your body while you're growing a baby? Listen in here!

[38:40] The #1 thing you should do during pregnancy if you haven't been exercising prior. 

[41:36] Holly talks about belly breathing after birth and how it helps to strengthen the pelvic floor after having your baby (it's also super important during pregnancy too!). 

[43:40] Holly gives her best advice for moms listening, including tips for exercise and even mindset on letting some things go and trusting the process in being good to your body postpartum.

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