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Vaginal Exams & “Failure to Progress”: The Lie

Show Notes:

Ever heard the terms "failure to progress" or "mandatory vaginal exams"? We'll talk about the lies behind these phrases and the choices you have when it comes to your body and your birth experience.

[1:12] The reviewer of the week, Fishsbxksnainazhmonger, (and no, I didn’t just type a bunch of random letters, lol) said: “I love this podcast! The birth course and this podcast were so helpful for me when I was in my 4th pregnancy. I’m now on my 5th, and I’m catching up on all the episodes I missed while I wasn’t pregnant.  I love the practical advice for birth and the encouragement to have a plan and to listen to your body! All things I didn’t really know with my first three births. This knowledge made all the difference with my 4th birth! I’m looking forward to all the knowledge I have yet to learn, even as a mom of almost 5! I totally recommend this podcast and tell all my pregnant friends about it!”

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