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Birth: Enneagram Type 4

Calling ALL Enneagram Type 4 mamas! If you're a sensitive mama who wants a unique birth experience and knows how to be super in tune with your body then definitely jump into this episode and get ready to be nodding your head and taking notes on exactly what you and your partner need to make your birth a success! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @myessentialbirth.
[2:37] Description of a Type 4
[6:38] Want a unique experience
[11:06] Create a vision for your birth
[13:03] The importance of setting up your birth team for Type 4
[16:14] How to set yourself up for success later in labor when verbal communication may be challenging.
[17:12] Body language during birth
[17:30] Cortney describes experience from her 3rd birth
[20:20] A strength of a type 4 is that you are in tune with your body
[22:22] Type 4 mamas are very creative, want to decorate their birth rooms and make the space pretty
[25:32] Tips for Partners
[31:30] Why Enneagram Type 4s LOVE the My Essential...
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