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7 Ways to Prepare Your Mind & Body during the 3rd Trimester!

Show Notes:

[1:39] Our Reviewer of the Week is s_frye, and she said, "I have listened to this podcast during my first and second pregnancies. The second time around, I also purchased the My Essential Birth course to prepare for a “natural” delivery in a hospital setting and hired a doula. I was more prepared the second time. The podcast is wonderful and is packed full of information. However, I would recommend investing in the birth course as it gives a comprehensive, organized and sequential overview of the L&D process and how to prepare. Thank you, Stephanie and team for your amazing work to support and empower pregnant women!"

[2:38] If you are listening, and you are in your third trimester, this is 100% for you! You're going to want to write down and keep track of these tips for when you are a little bit closer, and they are things that you can certainly start doing right now as well!

[3:15] #1: The Three Free Pregnancy Exercises! They are simple. They are...

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Your Biggest Challenge in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

It's not that you can't eat a ton, or that you're swollen, the heartburn, exhaustion, or crazy pregnancy dreams, so do you know what it is!? We have seen a massive increase in this challenge for pregnant women especially since Covid hit in 2020. Don't worry though, we've got you covered. We'll tell you what you need to know, what your options are, and how to be prepared for this. We know...we haven't said what it is. But that's what the episode is for! So take a guess and a listen!

Show Notes

2:21 - Your biggest challenge in the third trimester is not that you can't eat a ton, or that you're swollen, or your crazy pregnancy nightmares. So if you're wondering what it is, listen in here.

8:34 - This is our absolute biggest pet peeve with inductions plus everything you need to know about how it's done and what your options are.

15:32 - More managed births affect our mental state while we birth. It's easier to believe that a mother's body "doesn't work on its own" when we jump-start it...

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