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Top Ten Pregnancy Complaints and the BEST Solutions- Part 2

*PART 2* We asked you what was ailing you and it turns out that the responses we got were a lot of the same pregnancy complaints- things that top the list for pregnant women all over the world. You are NOT alone! So we made our list, did the research, and we are excited to give you all the details about how you can find relief.

Ligament Pain

-10-30% of women experience these quick shooting pains on the sides of the belly. More common/uncomfortable as baby grows during the second and third trimesters.

-Caused by Relaxin

-Can happen when changing positions (rolling over, sitting to standing, laying down to 

  sitting, etc.), cough, sneeze, and/or laugh


-Pelvic tilts, stretching/yoga: especially cat/cow but not too extended, maternity belt, and to hear the rest, listen to the podcast!


-You experience abdominal cramping, burning with urination (UTI/kidney pain can sometimes be similar-ish), have sharp pains that do...

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