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The Nonstress Test: When You Need It, When You Don’t, and How to Prepare Your Body & Mind

As with every test or procedure during pregnancy, I want mamas to know about options, benefits, and risks. This week's podcast episode is about nonstress tests: when you need it, when you don't, and how to prepare! Whether you decline the test, ask for a second opinion, wait a few days, etc. ultimately, the choice is up to you! I want you to be informed and empowered by your knowledge. It's a quick, informative episode that I hope you'll benefit from!  

Show Notes:

[1:12] Apple Podcasts didn’t like me this week and wouldn’t let me see my reviews. It is what it is! ‍

[2:05] This episode is going to be a quickie but a goodie! If you are coming up to your guess date, you’re pregnant with multiples, have low amniotic fluid, feel decreased movements from your baby, or for any other reason your provider has ordered a nonstress test or NST, this episode is for you. 

[2:53] What is a non stress test? A nonstress test is a prenatal test used to...

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It Takes Two: Interview with a Birth Partner

Cortney interviews her husband, Nate, to find out what it takes to support a birthing woman and how to handle different birthing scenarios. It's so good and we promise this is one you won't want to miss. Hint: make sure your birth partner listens along!
[3:38] Your partner should NOT be the only one preparing for this birth!
[5:06] Advice from a dad: "You cannot be that stereotypical guy in these situations. You just can't." -Nate
[9:47] Cortney tests Nate's birthing knowledge
[12:05] More quizzing for Nate! Play along...does your birth partner know how to answer these correctly?
[12:47] Scenario 1
[16:07] Scenario 2
[18:44] Scenario 3
[26:34] What birth was like for Nate
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