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Does a Full Moon Cause Labor?

We hear this a lot as doulas and it seems to get a lot of attention once every month when women are approaching their due date...so is it true that a full moon brings on labor? You will definitely want to tune into this fun episode where we talk about the research, the personal and professional experiences we've had, and give you our take, as well as the facts, behind this concept.

Show Notes

1:33 - Where does this idea come from?

6:00 - These are all of the good causes of labor. The things that get labor going naturally in a great way.

8:26 - The not-so-great things that can cause labor. These are the random less than positive ways to go into labor as well as the medical reasons.

11:49 - What are the signs that baby is coming and labor will be starting soon?

17:41 - So...Does a full moon cause you to go into labor??

20:03 - Does the time of day have sway on when birth will begin?


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