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Breastfeeding Talk with Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC

Show Notes:

When it comes to breastfeeding, mamas have alllll the questions! My guest this week, Jacqueline Kincer, is an IBCLC and the founder of Holistic Lactation. She shares her wisdom and expertise in a way that is empowering and encouraging to all mamas no matter what stage of their breastfeeding journey they are in!

[1:12] This week’s topic comes up ALL the time! “How do I feed my baby should I choose to breastfeed?”

[1:43] My guest, Jacqueline Kincer, is the founder of Holistic Lactation. She started the company 6 years ago. She is a stockbroker turned mama/business owner/podcaster/IBCLC/all the things! She found that the hardest part of new motherhood was breastfeeding. She also hosts a podcast: The Breastfeeding Talk and has launched a line of herbal supplements for breastfeeding moms. She wants to show up and serve moms in any way that she can!

[3:19] What is a lactation consultant? What is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant...

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Get Your Birth Team Paid For with BeHerVillage

What if you could have a registry for the SUPPORT you need postpartum in addition to the THINGS you need for your baby? This week, we talk to Kaitlin McGreyes, founder of BeHerVillage, about the importance of empowering mothers to have the registry they want! 

Show Notes:

[1:12] Our reviewer of the week, wittyditty, says: “I love this podcast! It is informative, fun to listen to, and encouraging! I love all the good info each week and the more natural approach taken, while still considering moms in all kinds of situations. As a first time mom, I am just soaking up everything I can!”

I hope today's episode will be on your Top 10 List! I'm so excited about this incredible resource that I will be sharing with you today!

[2:05] I have Kaitlin McGreyes introduce herself. She is mother of three, a doula for almost eight years, and the founder of BeHerVillage, which is the baby registry she wishes she had! She wanted something a little different and to...

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