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Make Calm, Confident, and Competent Decisions about Your Child’s Health with Dr. Elana Roumell of Doctor Mom

Show Notes:

[1:47] Our Reviewer of the Week, Kirstellison, "I just had my third baby a few months ago, and I wish I would have known about this class and podcast for my other two. I never felt more prepared going into birth and even though things didn’t go exactly how I wanted, I was well informed and able to make decisions for my self and able to have a natural birth in a hospital. This podcast has been so great but the class goes into so much more detail and I highly recommend taking it if you haven’t already! I can’t thank you guys enough."

[2:36] Our guest is Dr. Elana Roumell, a Pediatric Naturopathic Doctor and mother of 3, with a mission to teach moms how to safely be a “Doctor Mom!” She loves to teach moms how to transform their fear, panic, and overwhelm when their child gets sick into feeling calm, competent, confident, and well-equipped with the right tools to prevent illness and treat it wisely! She is also the co-host of the...

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