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7 Lies You've Been Told about Pregnancy & Birth

Show Notes:

[1:28] Our Reviewer of the Week, C-Gerber, said, "I found your podcast half way through my first pregnancy, and ended up buying your course soon after I listened to many of the birthing stories. I ended up having my first born daughter after only 7 hours of labour with no pain medication! It was an intense but amazing experience that I was able to have control of the whole situation. This course helped me take control of my first birth and allowed me to go into my labour confidently. My doctor was blown away at how fast I had my first child and my nurse was also amazed! I told them about this course I took and my nurse wanted to know what it was called so she could tell other woman about it after witnessing my birth!!!"

[2:37] You are not being told the complete truth when it comes to your pregnancy and birth. That is the reality of it. I am here to debunk some of these things for you. 

[3:22] Lie #1: You should schedule an induction if you are coming up to...

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Gestational Diabetes Nutrition: All the Best Advice for Diet, Prevention, and Management with Leslee Flannery, Registered Dietician

Show Notes:

[2:02] Our Reviewer of the Week, LMPfromMI, said: "I wanted to reach out and personally thank you for all of the work that you put into your web course and podcast. I listened to your podcast every day throughout my recent pregnancy and I know that it made a significant difference in my pregnancy and labor. I am a first time mama and got to have the home birth of my dreams next to my husband, mom (and doula) and midwife. Throughout my first trimester, I was so anxious about labor and delivery and was so uneducated in all aspects of birth. Thanks to your podcast, not only was I empowered to have my baby at home, but it was unmedicated too! And despite complications and almost needing to transfer to hospital, I had so much peace and confidence throughout every contraction. My whole labor was only 9 hours, with pushing for just over one hour. My midwife said if baby hadn’t been in a posterior position, she would have missed my birth! I know not everyone gets to...

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The Illusion of No Control


Peace is a choice. We can choose to do those things that invite peace into our lives, even when so much around us seems out of control. And that's the topic that we want to introduce to you guys this week- what you can control in your pregnancy and birth. We fear that there's this illusion out there amongst birthing women, that there is no control.

In fact, what triggered this topic for us was coming across a birth story post on Instagram. This woman shared her rather traumatic birth story and concluded it by telling her followers that there's no point in having a birth plan or preparing for the experience because it's all out of your control. 

Maybe having that perspective was a coping strategy for her, a way to process a disappointing experience. Because when you don't believe you can control anything, perhaps you're able to maybe more easily release the experience you've had, especially if it wasn't a great one. BUT! women who head into pregnancy and birth...

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Gestational Diabetes: What to Know


If you...

  • are pregnant and wondering what Gestational Diabetes is
  • are coming up on your Gestational Diabetes test
  • have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes

...we cover everything you need to know with Diabetes Specialist, Karina Robinson, in this episode! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @myessentialbirth and for even more great info head over check out our totally FREE Pregnancy Exercise Guide & other incredible downloads at www.myessentialbirth.com.

[1:54] Get to know Karina Robinson, Diabetes Specialist
[3:07] A little about her Gestational Diabetes Course
[3:47] What is Gestational Diabetes?
[5:16] How GD differs from Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes
[5:36] Who is at risk for having Gestational Diabetes
[6:19] What you can do to prevent it!
[7:58] The 1 hour and 3-hour test
[9:30] What if I fail the 1-hour test?
[11:07] The main concerns for baby if mom is diagnosed with GD
[13:35] Options for mom, including home birth
[14:15] Karina's Birth Stories with...
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