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Birth Story: From Navigating through Infertility to Experiencing the Sacred Place of Birth with Starlee Galbraith

Show Notes:

[1:11] Our reviewer of the week, namesbrr.johnson, said “Fantastic podcast, through and through! Hi, Stephanie! I found out I was pregnant with my first last March. Your podcast was recommended to me by a friend as she knew I was interested in a “natural” birth. Though my initial desire was there, you were the influence that fully converted me! From the first episode, I was hooked. And thanks to slyly listening to one of your episodes while my husband was in the room, you sparked his interest. Before that, he was unconvinced that a home birth would be safe. He has now become a fully converted advocate for natural childbirth. You were the catalyst that led us to 3 different birth courses worth of knowledge, and it seemed like whenever I had a question those other courses didn’t answer, you knew! Because you’d release an episode that week on the very thing I needed help with. I hope you know how inspired you are! Armed with knowledge and as...

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