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Introducing Ellement, Prenatal Supplements Created and Personalized for Each Mother, with Doreen Bloch and Dr. Nate Fox

Show Notes:

[2:26] Our Reviewer of the Week, kate.e.amsden, said: "This podcast is amazing beyond words. My husband and I are still in preconception, but planning to start trying to conceive in a few months, and I have been obsessively listening to these episodes. I have learned so much from Steph (and Courtney), and feel so prepared and confident - I know I’ll be ready to navigate the twists and turns of pregnancy and delivery when my times comes. Steph shares all of the options and evidence so calmly and clearly, yet her passion for empowering us to assess the data from our own perspective to make the best choices for our own journeys is so obvious and abundant. I am also a pelvic floor and sports physical therapist, and love that the data she presents is accurate and well researched, and that the way she presents it is absolutely in line with empowering each mama to own her options and be at the center of her care - as patients should be. Can’t wait to re-listen...

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