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Fix Your Breastfeeding Mastitis with This New Protocol, Courtesy of Heather O'Neal & Maureen Farrell from The Milk Minute Podcast


Show Notes:

"What can I do to treat my mastitis?" It happens to so many mamas, and it can be painful, overwhelming, and just the absolute worst. But don't worry, I've got some incredible birth professionals from the Milk Minute Podcast here to help!

[1:11] Our reviewer of the week is Shannon Venus Taylor, and she says: “Hi! I absolutely love this Podcast as a Doula and first time mom I started listening to this podcast when I was 8 weeks pregnant. The information you share with your community is golden. This podcast has not only helped me improve my methods as a Doula but also provided me with a sense of ease and confidence during my home birth and postpartum journey. I will continue to recommend your Podcast to future clients and anyone in the birth community.

To all of my birth professionals who are listening, thank you for following along! I hope this is a place where you can soak up all the information. If you’re a new mom, I hope you’re...

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