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Vaccines during Pregnancy and For Baby: Make the Most Informed Decisions & Choose What's Right for Your Family

cdc vaccines Mar 12, 2024

Show Notes:

[1:41] Our Reviewer of the Week is Nahycnil, and she said, "This podcast and birth course helped me overcome the anxiety I had after my first birth that was filled with interventions. With all the information this podcast offers and the birth course, I was empowered and was able to have an unmedicated amazing birth experience with my second! So grateful for the My Essential Birth course and the pregnancy and birth made easy podcast. I’m obsessed with all things pregnancy and postpartum now!"

[2:44] Today's topic is definitely a hot topic. I try not to avoid these kinds of things, but I also want to come to you with really good information. We will be talking about vaccines. Know that I do my very best to give very unbiased both side information, and I know my job is done or I've done it well, if you have no idea which way I lean. The goal here is to help you know how to educate yourself. These kinds of decisions are so important for us to make on our own, and...

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COVID-19 & Your Birthing Options

This podcast episode is hot off the press and in true Cort & Steph fashion, we break down the Pros AND Cons to birthing in/out of hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yup! We totally see it both ways and above all hope to speak peace to your heart. You are seen. You are heard. Your feelings- which may swing from gratitude one minute to sorrow the next- are valid. You are stronger than you know, and the story you pass down of birthing during a time of great global uncertainty will be revered for generations to come.
[2:00] ACOG, CDC, and WHO: What they're saying and what they recommend
[7:05] Telehealth
[7:37] Recommendations for COVID-19 & Breastfeeding Practices
[10:10] Other things to consider
[12:12] What to do with all of this information!
[19:00] Pros & Cons to Birthing In & Out of the Hospital During COVID-19
[27:04] Get prepared. You won't ever regret preparing "too much"...because there's no such thing!
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