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Water Birth: Is It for You and What Are the Benefits?

Show Notes:

[2:02] Our Reviewer of the Week is basejumping-abbeygbaby, and she said, "Stephanie (along with Courtney in early episodes) does an amazing job of laying out all of the options a birthing momma has before, during, and after pregnancy. She provides awesome information on how to choose a provider, what questions to ask, what different types of providers have to offer, pros and cons of all the different locations you can plan to give birth, how a doula can help, what is “normal” and how to know when medical interventions may truly be needed, and so much more! I listened to this entire podcast from the beginning when I found out I was expecting. I am now holding my beautiful 3-month old daughter as I write this, and I remain inspired and incredibly thankful to have this podcast as a resource. I felt empowered in the decisions that I made throughout my pregnancy, and I was able to have the home birth that I dreamed of!"

What an incredible story. Thank you so...

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Water: Nature's Epidural

Water is Mother Nature's epidural and has the ability to bring sweet relief and relaxation throughout the birth process. In this episode, we break down the safety of using water for birth, including giving birth in the water, understanding the policies and practices for your birthplace, when to jump in, how to use it effectively, and we even share our personal experiences from our own water births!
[4:58] Is a baby being born into water safe?
[7:02] Who can and cannot get into the water
[8:23] Know the policies and practices of your birthplace - Hospital
[10:49] Know the policies and practices of your birthplace - Birth Center/Home
[13:25] When to jump into the water!
[18:32] Two times to get into the water before hitting the "sweet spot"
[21:57] How to use the shower during active labor
[26:58] Using the tub during labor
[28:42] What should I wear in the tub?
[29:52] Stephanie's experience with laboring in a birth tub (at home)
[33:35] Cortney's experience with...
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