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Announcing Your Pregnancy, Baby Gender, and Birth


If you're planning on announcing any of the milestones that come with expecting a baby, we're going to take you through the basics of the best times to announce each, different ways to do it, and how to handle any of the  "Karens" that may unintentionally ruin these special moments.


When's the best time to tell the world you're pregnant?

Whenever you want to. :) Ok ok, we promise to give you more insight than that. Most women wait until sometime after the 10-week ultrasound. The typical range is 10-20 weeks.

From Cortney's perspective: "I preferred to tell my immediate family right away. Husband first, then our parents & my closest siblings. Our first two pregnancies were miscarriages and while some women choose to endure that trial privately, I was incredibly grateful for the prayers and support of those closest to us during that time. It's bad enough to have a miscarriage and to us, it would have been even worse to...

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