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Baby-Led Weaning: Bridging the Gap from Breastmilk to Solid Foods with Katie Ferraro (Mom of 7)

Show Notes:

Baby-Led Weaning helps your baby establish a healthy relationship with food starting with their very first foods. Benefits include reducing the severity of picky eating, lowers allergy risks, increases diet diversity, and stops the meal time battles. Listen for more benefits!

[1:11] Our reviewer of the week is, Ashley Worley, and she says, “I discovered the podcast thanks to a friend who passed it along. I am pregnant with our first and was looking for something both positive and education. I’ve voraciously been diving into episodes and feel exponentially more confident than I did just weeks ago about our decision for an unmedicated birth place birth. Stephanie has been incredibly helpful in helping me learn all things birth and prepping and planning, now putting into action daily stretches, relaxation, and completing my birth plan. Now to dive into birth stories and we pray and imagine our dream birth knowing it’s all in God’s hands and will be...

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