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Will "Advanced" Maternal Age (Pregnancy at Age 35 Years or Older) Affect Your Pregnancy?

Show Notes:

[2:01] Our Reviewer of the Week is JackieP2022, and she says, "I absolutely love this podcast and literally recommend it to every single pregnant woman I see and to friends and family who are starting their pregnancy journey! I truly believe knowledge is power especially in a world where women tend to have to advocate a little harder than we’d like. I have a 16-month old and my husband and I are starting our journey of adding another babe so naturally I need to re-listen and listen to all the new episodes. Words can’t describe how much I love the podcast - keep doing what you’re doing and know your work is SO appreciated.

[3:05] Today's podcast episode is actually based off of some questions that I've gotten recently on Instagram. Our topic has to do with being pregnant over the age of 35, which is considered "advanced maternal age." 

[3:48] One of our moms asked us "Do you have any thoughts on NSTs, which those are non stress tests for low...

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Birth After 35

With terms like Advanced Maternal Age and Geriatric Mother being thrown around, it's time we broke down all the facts surrounding being pregnant and giving birth after the age of 35- including the hot topic of stillbirth. Share this episode with your friends who are also having babies in their late 30's & beyond!
[4:03] Why "Geriatric" is not even close to an appropriate term for a pregnant woman.
[5:29] Why you need to have the correct information about giving birth over 35.
[6:31] Why women are choosing to have children later in life?
[7:15] Challenges for women giving birth after 35
[8:10] The Hot Topic: Stillbirth
[9:58] Relative vs. Absolute Risk
[11:43] Gestation and how it's different before and after age 35
[13:03] Why out of hospital midwifery care may be a great choice
[16:27] What stands in the way of a mother over 35 having her best birth?
[19:20] What you can do to have the best outcomes
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